Month: January 2011


He banished AlphaOmega to live on the newly created world and would never again ascend to the god’s plane of existence.

Common Myths

Now the summit is kept by the undead dwarven workers.

King Geert raised his new son in secret, raising him in his own reflection. A womanizing man taught to rule the rest of the nation with an iron will and brutally killing anyone who opposed.

Website is BACK!

Because most of my time is divided between home and work, I really don’t have time to maintain two websites. I can barely manage this one. So, for the time being, TigerEyeGFX is forwarding to here. Not that I get a lot of traffic either place.

So there’s a small amount of hope left out there. But they are only few, they need more rockers!

Come home guys and may the fates watch over your families.

Get up of’a that thing and show some respect for the God Father of soul. Sing on man, sing on…

Above all, enjoy your stay.

Is payment enough, and with that we will trust,
That we mattered to you as you mattered to us.”


There are some good pictures of the Blue Angels and other aircraft. So head over there and check them out.