Month: July 2012

Dark Knight Rises was a fitting end to the trilogy Christian Bale and Christopher Nolin began seven years ago. If you haven’t been following along since Batman Begins, you will miss parts of what’s going on, especially since there’s hints here and there of what lead up to events in Rises. All three movies actually come to a close with Rises.

A recent family vacation turned into an opportunity to see how well we can scramble to save money, when the destination presented us with a challenge. That challenge was surviving on a budget we already had figured, but ended up being more costly than we anticipated. This got me to thinking, and taking notes. What could we have done better, and what did we do right? From planning to booking, this is how things went for us. And worked. And will likely be a guide for us in the future, when we decide to go overseas. Keep in mind this is my opinion, and experience.