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Facebook intergration was painless and I hope to have a like feature added to the news articals this point forward. I’ll not go back to the old ones, for the simple fact there are to many.

Because most of my time is divided between home and work, I really don’t have time to maintain two websites. I can barely manage this one. So, for the time being, TigerEyeGFX is forwarding to here. Not that I get a lot of traffic either place.

Above all, enjoy your stay.

Oh, yeh, don”t forget to login to see the Map and the Art Gallery.

Of course, I was also gone for nearly two weeks in Tennessee having a good time and eating

“Whooooo. I remember that.” And of course, see the releases before anyone else does (aside from the programmers).

If ya notice anything broken, for the time being, please email admin(at)tigereyegfx dot net, and I’ll get back to ya.

So… Don’t expect to many updates on here for awhile…

Well, I finally got everything back up and running that needed to be put back up here… Well… Atleast most of it… In the proccess of fixing everything, I accidently removed the photo gallery and art gallery… great… so, gotta go back and add all those manually…Weee! I’d like to thank Technocrat from for…

Forums are working and everyone’s logins are working. So, feel free to hang out here again!