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The book is finished; I broke it up into two. Although I didn’t want to, if I want to get published, sacrifices will have to be made. So I broke it up. It’s been edited as much as it can be, spell check and grammar checked as much as it could be, that part is done and out of my hands. Now, it’s the rejection part. Not really worried about the rejection part of it, as I half expect it. It’s the, what happens if their interested part that gets my nerves going.

I’ve sent over 50 query letters already, and have gotten back about nine, as of writing this. I think I’ll post the Query Letter here, in hopes of catching a lucky break. Only concern I’d have is being scammed. Apparently there’s enough of that out there, to warrant warning by literary websites. Oh good, cant make this to easy, can we?

I started on book three, now, since one broke into two. Confusing I know, you should see my notes on all of it. Phew. Glad I can read and understand my ramblings. Book three is pretty much outlined a plot chosen, and what I want to accomplish written down. It is also half way done. So the rest shouldn’t be hard. It’s the actually getting to sit and do it, becomes the problem now. I did manage to work on it on vacation, which is what I wanted to do, so that’s good. Unfortunately the mosquitoes became such a nuisance, I quickly lost my desire to work on it where I could relax and let the words flow. So I didn’t work on it as much as I would have liked.

So there you have it. Progress. And I’m at least keeping up with updating here, which is also good. I kept that goal up. Half way through the year. Will I get an agent before the end? Let’s see what happens down the road.

Query Letter to All Passing Agents

In a world that despises magic and discriminates openly against those who are born with the ability to control it suddenly find they are going to need to change. A war that has raged for nearly a century may have found their only saviors in a rag tag group of friends with unique abilities. As told in 86,000 words.
Tiger’s father is killed, leaving him wanting swift revenge. When he decides to leave his home and travel the roads near the city he was raised in, he crosses paths with a woman who changes the very way he sees people and discovers a sword with a mysterious past.  As they return to his childhood home, they agree to set out on a path that could end the war that has taken not only his father, but her parents. Along the way they gather new friends, all of whom see Tiger become a leader, forged in battle.  With an elf, a bird that resembles a dragon, and an orphaned princess, they begin to set things right around the world. One city, after another is left a better place to live.
I currently write for my website, as well as post reviews for a few other websites.

Thank you,

Daniel Dickinson
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