Common Myths

The Greater Beings: The history of the greater beings has already been explored. What was left to legend though is their very existence. Many scholars of the time believed that the race known as Greater Beings do not and did not exist. That humans were always as they were, as well as other races that share the land with the humans.

Trolima: Trolima’s are human, troll hybrids. They live among the lands of Shadow Island and the Lost Island. They are amazingly scarce and therefore considered to be legend only. Humans of the era between 0 AX and 1000 AX believed they never existed. Their origins were never explained. I myself am unable to account for their creation as they suddenly appeared. There are several popular theories as to their origins. One of which is they were created by the god of death, Kia. This I find to be unconvincing, as Kia would not have created a weaker version of his prized Trolls.

The second opinion is that they were born in a laboratory by the Fire Isle Mages, mixing Troll blood with their own, a sort of slow mutation. This too is somewhat farfetched, though I tend to agree with this theory more than the previous.

In the end however, Trolima”s are strong and ruthless when it comes to battle. They tend to be brown skinned, somewhat hunched over with tusks protruding from their lower lip. A flat, broad face resembling an Orc more than human, graces it”s features. Their hair is often stringy and thick brown clumps, matted from unkempt conditions. 

Xonthian Ruins: The ruins of Xonthian City, prior to the world being shattered, was lost in the forest south of Xonthian City. It was rumored that the city held within it great artifacts that the world outside had only seen during the time, when Xonthian the Warrior lived. Even Kitten and Darkblade had ventured into those dark depths of the ruined city, left empty handed.

Sands of Time: It is said that if one enters the Sands of Time, they would age and die before within a days time. Though no one has every tested this theory, people nonetheless tend to keep away from the endless desert. It is in fact true, however. I myself have aged considerably making my way from my point of entry to the tomb I now reside in. This was so when the dragons collided with the Unknown some miles south east of the Sands of Time.

Xecu’ran Ruins: Like the ruins at Xonthian City, it is rumored to house great artifacts of the age before the world shattered. No one has ever traveled to the ruins. The ruins themselves are currently over run with wolves and ware-wolves.

Shadow Mountain: Shadow Mountains legacy stems from the time of Dwarves. When the dwarven kings had created weapons, armor, or jewels that were the envoy of other dwarves, they would order the items to the summit of Shadow Mountain. Later in history, the kings of Cettera also used the summit to store gold and other valuables. Sometime after the Dragon War, the summit became a foreboding place to visit only the hardest or foolhardy kings and men committed their valuables to the summits keeping. The path and summit itself became haunted by the undead. The dead dwarves that had built the summit rose again to walk the mountains. This was thought to have been caused when Moonshea gave her brother life again, that she unwillingly caused the brother of the dwarves that sacrificed themselves to bring their kind to life.

Now the summit is kept by the undead dwarven workers. The Kings of Dwarf and Humans alike now only send up one or two people at a time with their most treasured goods, knowing they would not return. The mountain would claim them as its own.

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