Conan Exiles – Isle of Siptah

Conan Exiles – Isle of Siptah

Conan Exiles – Isle of Siptah is a recent DLC pack provided by game developer Funcom. If you haven’t yet seen my review of Conan Exiles, check that out first.

I finally had a chance to sit down with the expansion and play through with some friends on a Siptah server. And I have to say. Oh, my Lord Cthulhu, is it amazing. Let’s start off with what it’s not. Isle of Siptah is NOT just another Exile Lands map. And, as of writing this review, while it’s about the same size (maybe a bit smaller) as the original map, it’s PACKED to the gills with new things to explore.

The expansion starts you off on a random location on the island, and as a survivor, your tasked with surviving the harsh lands any way you can. But what’s fresh about this map, and this… You know what, I’m going to backtrack. It’s not an expansion or DLC, I feel. It’s a brand new experience added to Conan Exiles. It tries at every turn to stand on its own two legs. It does so amazingly well. From the new biomes located in the various corners of the map, the new mechanics of the Maelstrom, down to how you even play the game. I’m going to underline that last part. You have to change the way you play Conan Exiles. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a host of content. Thralls no longer wait for you to come by and take them home with you. It forces you to utilize the content in new ways. For example, thralls now appear at near-random locations called Wild Surges. These wild surges appear on your map, for easy to find employees. So far, again, as of me writing this, tier 1 and2 tier 2 thralls are all you’ll see at these random locations (mostly). In Conan Exiles, the poor lower thralls often times get passed over. Once you’ve played the games a few times, you know where to go for the higher end thralls and rarely waste time on the lower tier. Siptah however, you have to use the lower end thralls if you want to make it into the end game content and the higher end thralls.

As you might have guessed, I know I did, the area around the tower is where the sh*t hits the fan. I’m not going to spoil it but, damn son. I’m impressed with what happens when you wander into the storm unknowingly and stumble across some of it’s… Inhabitants.

And then there’s the new building content. Stormglass and Flotsam buildings. I haven’t played to much with the Stormglass, since I’m on a server with other people, it’s hard to stay focused on building Tier three stuff, when all I want to do is explore. Plus sink the king of time it takes to build T3 housing. However, that said, I did boot up a game offline and played with it. And oh man, is it beautiful. Stormglass is the perfect Gothic castle material. And the flotsam buildings, is my favorite building material now. I never really liked the tier 1 red stone. That’s just me however, I live in a state where red rock is a thing and I just… I digress.

Hands down this… Addition, to Conan Exiles and it is exactly what I needed. I love this game anyway, but this new content just makes me excited to play and explore every nook and cranny of the Isle of Siptah. It’s a beautiful work of art. Well worth the money if you already have it, and if you don’t have either, get both. You won’t be disappointed.

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