Dark Knight Rises – Review

Dark Knight Rises was a fitting end to the trilogy Christian Bale and Christopher Nolin began seven years ago. If you haven’t been following along since Batman Begins, you will miss parts of what’s going on, especially since there’s hints here and there of what lead up to events in Rises. All three movies actually come to a close with Rises.

Lets get the idea of this film out of the way before we go too far into a review. First we have Wayne, eccentric no longer; he’s instead chosen exile from the very people he saved in the last two movies. Instead he’s decided self imposed house arrest is much more fitting. So he mopes around with a lame leg. Where did this happen? I miss something? Ah well it’s only mentioned for a little while then totally forgotten about by the mid way point of the film. Anyway, we’re introduced quickly by this movie’s players, some new rich folks are trying to take over the cities richest pads, since Wayne is no longer in the silver spoon club, or hasn’t renewed his membership. And then there’s Catwoman, who sneaks in and steals Wayne’s momma’s pearls. With his lame leg, and disposition of ‘who cares?’, he lets the cat burglar get away with traceable pearls. And so the game is in motion from that point.

This first scene of the Cat and Wayne actually sticks in my mind as a sore spot, and we’re only a few minutes into it. First as I mentioned his leg. At first I though maybe he was playing around, and knew the Cat was coming. But no hint of this was forth coming, as he continued to lame around. And who bugs his moms pearls?
A few twists and turns later we are introduced to Bane. Commissioner Gordon and a few other key players. Including a woman named Miranda Tate. But only briefly, and at one point I thought she was just a plot device, until at the end when the shit hits the fan, we’re all tossed on our heads for believing one thing, when really something else far worse is going on.

The plot is well paced though, and even the twists seem to flow together. It was bordering on to many plot twists where it was hard to follow, however just when it was becoming apparent, it slowed back down allowing you to catch up.

All the actors from Anne Hathoway, to Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a wonderful job in the world of the Bat. They held their own, did their part, and played them well. Gary Oldman of course did a great job as the Commissioner, Christian and Michaels relationship as master and butler was well done and Morgan Freeman played well into the CEO of Wayne Enterprises. One step ahead of the bad guys.

Over all the movie was worth it. Go see it. It’s a fitting end? Maybe… To the Dark Knight saga. I cant’s say we won’t see any more from the dynamic duo of Bale and Nolan. When we do, we’ll be the audience this movie needs, not the one it deserves.

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