It Calls from the Forest V2 – Review

It Calls from the Forest V2 – Review

If you read my previous review for It Calls from the Forest, you’ll have gotten a sense for just how many fantastic stories Eerie River had in their hands. From the time the deadline had come and gone, the publishing company had so many stories, they decided two volumes of the journal was required to fit them all. And the second volume does not disappoint.

It Calls from the Forest v2 is packed with everything great about the first one, and more. Charismatic characters overflow the pages; vivid scenes come to life and are relatable. It’s almost as if you’re in the forest as you read each story. Even if they are at different times or places.  That’s exactly how the journal starts. You are transported to a different time and place, no less vivid if it were in our current time and space.  Donna J.W.Munro blasts the reader into her world-building from the outset, with I Speak for the Trees. From then on, the stories go further into madness as the trees and all its denizens come to life. From the twists of Dating in Murderville by V.A. Vazquez, rank smells of Spots by Ariana Ferrante.


I think if I had to choose my favorites, A Debt Owed by Kimberly Rei and Moths to a Flame by O. Sander would be among them.  Horrific details, fresh new ideas, great pacing, draw me further into the journals already great cast of authors. 

If you haven’t picked up It Calls from the Forest v2, I highly recommend you run over to Eerie River Publishing and get yourself a copy. You can pre-order it right now (It releases on Amazon August 7th).  Make like a tree, and leaf over there…. Alright, well, that sounded better in my head.

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