Kiss and Motley Crue

My wife along with a good friend of ours, worked to get tickets for a concert that pretty much means the world to me.

Seeing a concert is fun in any right. Regardless of who you go see. But when it’s the group that meant a lot to a person who is no longer with you, you have a new found respect for that band. I always found KISS to be a band that was worth listening to. Growing up, I often would raid my aunts record collection and play the vinyl’s. Sure this wasn’t the only group she had in her stack of records. There were others. But growing up, it was obvious by the stories she’d tell about always wanting to see KISS, or how she wanted to get her picture with Paul Stanly. It becomes apparent that she was a fan. Every Christmas we would get her KISS items. Unique KISS items that by those standards, were collectables more then main stream marketing. This was before all that. Right around when the Toys began to appear, was about when the market became saturated and unique things were harder to find.

About six months before we lost my Aunt, I wrote an email to KISS’s website, asking them to find the time to send an autograph picture to my Aunt. By this time her health was already on the decline and she had previously scared us with a few hospital visits.

After her death, KISS had not made it into town again, and my request had gone forgotten. I don’t hold it against them of course, I’m sure they receive requests like mine on a daily biases.

When I got this chance to go to the concert, I was excited. Maybe it’s a connection I have, that my Aunt had. Maybe it keeps me close to her memory? Who can really say? KISS is a good bad, I do enjoy their music.

Joe, one of my fellow Phoenix Comicon friends, was able to win us tickets to a pre party at Hard Rock Café. Which was awesome because we had the chance win Gene Simmons base Ax guitar. We didn’t win, but seeing Gene that close, was pretty amasing. No good pictures of him though. And I didn’t get the chance to get one with him. Maybe next time?

The concert was hot of course. The music was loud, Motley Crue got everyone all riled up, and KISS came in and topped the night off. And when I say it was hot, I mean it. It’s Phoenix after all, tail end of summer, Monsoon season. So yeh, it was hot. I’ve been to Cricket, er, I mean Ashley Furniture Home Store Pavilion a few times, but never had I seen so many people there before. The show was off the chain. It was loud, hard, and didn’t let up till the end. We had a great time.

In life, every moment has its place, meaning. Everything that happened that day, was for a reason. We made new contacts for Comicon to help it, and even a few other contacts. What I cant figure out, is what the wasp sting meant? Ah well.

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