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Help Spread the Word! With the website now in full swing, the Road Trip adventure fully posted, and my author page finally live, I need to ask for some help. All it will take is a few clicks of your time. I would really appreciate it if you would follow me on Facebook, and if you have Twitter, follow me there too. Also, I have set up a newsletter I plan on using to offer exclusive, published works. Please, sign up for that! The first newsletter I have planned will be sent out sometime in July.

Kyanite Press SciFi War

In order to get my books out there, people need to know about them. “But, there are no books yet.” I hear you say, and you would be correct. There isn’t, YET. So, what I am offering you, and your friends is as much content I can put out on the Website, until such time as the books are available. Plus, there are several short stories I’m working on. While that content isn’t free, it does help get my name out there. That’s a big part of this ask.

I have four planned books right now. The idea is to get it professionally edited sooner, rather than later. Until then, I would like to get you excited about the prospect of seeing them finally published.

If you can, and you are lying in bed checking Facebook or Twitter, head over and give them like and follow. Maybe share the experience with your friends. Invite all the friends. Help spread the word! If you see me post something, give it a quick share!

Thank you,

Daniel Dickinson

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Summertime is speeding right along and it seems like I’ve been working extra hard on getting everything around here, set up and running smoothly for all of, what… Oh. Only a month or two? Geez, seems a lot longer.

When you see it

Anyway, the website is running on all cylinders while the writing in the background is also rocking at breakneck speed. In the meantime, don’t forget you can pre-order the next collection of short stories, which features one of my newest stories, Fallen Iron.

Hope everyone continues to have a great summer!

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