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It’s been awhile since we visited the music topic, so let’s dive right in. Finding music I like is kind of like finding treasure. Not because it’s so rare, but because I actually go out and look for it, and when I find it, it’s like finding buried treasure. So when there’s a tool out there, that helps me look for that buried gem, I usually jump on the chance. Usually I say, because I didn’t actually do that when Spotify first came around. Instead I put it off, mostly because I didn’t want to install anything on my computer, and second, I figured it was more like Pandora, then anything. And Pandora and I have had a love hate relationship for a very long time.

When I did start using Spotify, I was instantly hooked. The ease at which I could find songs and add them to a list, was amazing. Spotify however, in this case, is more of a tool to help me find those hidden gems music has hidden. Maybe it’s because these artists haven’t signed, or maybe they are just an internet sensation. Whatever their situation is, it’s nice to see an outlet for them, that doesn’t bog us users down with archaic RIAA rules and regulations. That’s a topic for another time though. For now, let’s take a look at some of the pieces of gold, I found over the last few months of digging through Spotify’s massive library.

Dubstep, no, techno as a whole, hasn’t really been one of my favorites. I do enjoy a few songs here and there that are techno remixes or what have you, just don’t care for it in massive amounts. Similar to Country. Dubstep fits in there with Techno though, and what I’ve heard, hasn’t been that impressive. There are a few exceptions to that though as well, kind of like “Video Games (Dubstep Remix)”. So far the only main stream song I’ve found that I like is Skrillex’s First of the Year. Another random song that I’ve actually found on Spotify, is The Spy Hunter (Songs to Burn Bridges By), by Project 86.

Hip-hop has pretty much always been on my radar in terms of what I like to listen to. But it’s getting harder to find songs by artists I grew up with, that are new. The new hip-hop songs I’ve found really are one offs and probably only appeal to me because the beat is awesome, or I find the song amusing. Such as Smosh’s, The Legend of Zelda Rap. Which also happens to be one of the Youtube, self promoting groups on this list. The second hip-hop song is It’s Da Roc (Monkey Island Version), by T-Roc.

There’s many more songs I’ve seen recently, just to many more to list. If you’re interested, you can find out more of my songs on Spotify, by adding me. Or searching for me. In any case, there’s a world of music out there, ready to be discovered. Don’t let the radio dictate what you listen to; find the music yourself, its far more rewarding.

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