The Sin of King Geert the IV of Xecu’tran

The King of Lust

Before the Hundred Year War, during the Rise of Magic, when the lands of both Xonthian and Xecu’tran were secure from the wrath of the Dark Army, ruled a king of ill morality. King Geert the fourth, of Xecu’tran, lived and ruled Cettera with an iron fist. His lust for all things pleasurable became his downfall later in life and would forever change the course of time itself.

A time of magic empowered the world. Classes of magic were developed to help scholars and sorcerers study new and powerful spells. Some of these magic classes were illusion, enchantment and divination. While rarer classes such as elemental or ethereal classes, were only seen in the elder races such as Elves, dwarves and Atticatten. This did not mean humans were incapable of the ability to use such power however. Humans learned to use the schools of magic displayed by the Fire Isle Mages during the Great Invasion. The inherent ability to use these schools became less potent in them however and became a rare skill among humans.

There was no school outside the Elves forest that taught other races how to use their abilities, so corrupt magic grew, and was handed down from one generation to another.

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