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Summer Olympics 2012

It seems there are fans of the Olympics, there are fans of the sports, and there are those that just don’t care either way. I fall in the fans of the Olympics category. The sports themselves I wouldn’t spend the time to watch, Soccer for example. Ninety minutes of players running around on a field,…

Book Updates

The book is finished; I broke it up into two. Although I didn’t want to, if I want to get published, sacrifices will have to be made. So I broke it up. It’s been edited as much as it can be, spell check and grammar checked as much as it could be, that part is done and out of my hands. Now, it’s the rejection part. Not really worried about the rejection part of it, as I half expect it. It’s the, what happens if their interested part that gets my nerves goin

Diving The Wild Blue

A few months ago the wife and I were discussing where we would like to go for vacation. It was pretty much agreed upon that we were going to go to Disney World. Well, when the wife found a killer deal to head down to the Bahamas for a week, and costs basically less then…

This will be my third year at the Phoenix Comicon, here in my home town. Recently I’ve got to work with some amazing people, seen some great media guests and even had my picture taken with a few of them.

New Year, New chances

I did manage to have most of Book 1 edited thanks to my in house editor. Awesome job on that Mrs. Editor, thank you. So, what does this mean? Well… Hopefully it’ll get finished before July. By this

I can take it anywhere and don’t have to have a separate pencil and drawing pad if I want to bust out a sketch or something. One thing that I do fault with the App is the speed. Sometimes it lags and that can be a distraction.

In the mean time, the biggest goal of them all, is staying within those proposed time tables. Deadlines, if you will.

Facebook intergration was painless and I hope to have a like feature added to the news articals this point forward. I’ll not go back to the old ones, for the simple fact there are to many.

Website is BACK!

Because most of my time is divided between home and work, I really don’t have time to maintain two websites. I can barely manage this one. So, for the time being, TigerEyeGFX is forwarding to here. Not that I get a lot of traffic either place.

Above all, enjoy your stay.