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It’s been awhile since I’ve dedicated my thoughts to an individual, and thanked them for the life they gave, that influenced mine, no matter if they knew it or not. So I figured I would dust this section of the Blog off. Specially considering we lost two people this year that helped form my imagination….

It’s about lessons learned, it’s about giving a little piece of me each day to my daughter. In the end this will be her legacy. It won’t be an empire, it won’t be monetary gain, but will be far more precious to her then both those things combined. Whose life will she touch growing up? Will she see things differently? Will she know what to do with these life experiences?

Get up of’a that thing and show some respect for the God Father of soul. Sing on man, sing on…

I got to find some money to go!

So take pity on us, donate! Send us to the big game!

Let’s hope they can pull another out.

Go Tigers!

Booooo, Twins!!!

Dispite what PETA says, this was one cool Croc Man.

Pictures of the game and such are posted in the Photo Gallery.

He took his final trek…. Farewell Scotty…