Genesis of Vengeance Snippet

Genesis of Vengeance Snippet

“They are testing you.” Emerald said. “Don’t let your guard down.”

A few more orbs came at them which Tiger quickly dispatched. Before he could regain his balance, the larger orb burst towards them. It hit Emeralds barrier with a loud crackling sound which caused her to grunt with the sudden weight against it.

“Get it off the barrier!” Emerald called weakly. “It’s draining me.”

Catt held her hand up causing the air around the orb to explode in flame. The Sin Orb didn’t move. Kinetic energy, Catt’s innate ability burned with fierce intensity but still the orb made no attempt to move.

With a sudden crack that split the still air around them, the Sin Orb and Emerald’s barrier exploded. Emerald flew back towards the bushes and landed heavily, her breath forcefully knocked from her lungs. Tiger and Catt both ducked and fell sideways, expecting to be hit by large shards from the orb.

Tiger stood quickly as the remaining orbs advanced on them. He swung upwards at the nearest orb, splitting it up the middle and causing it to explode in response.

Catt stood up and flicked her wrist at another orb. The wave of energy whipped towards it, but did nothing to slow its advance towards her.

“Huh?” She said as she rolled out of the way.          “Catt, it’s not effected by magic; your ability probably won’t work on these things like that. Try something else!” Tiger called as he whirled around to slice an orb like a lemon across its equator.

Catt furrowed her brow. “My energy is not based in magic!”

Tiger dodged a Sin Orb that had shot a bolt of energy at him. “Tell that to them!”

Catt growled and held her hand out, concentrating on another large orb that was circling Tiger. It suddenly froze in place as Catt’s kinetic energy caught it. With a flick of her wrist, she flung the creature into another orb. The two exploded in a flash of bright light and static.

Tiger turned in time to see more Sin Orbs burst through the trees behind Emerald, who was moaning and trying to prop herself up on her elbows.

He bounded towards her and rolled towards them with the momentum. In a single sideways thrust he shattered the first two orbs. Shards of energy sliced at his arm, shredding his skin like paper. The third orb, which managed to withstand the blade’s forward motion, shot Tiger full in the chest. He flew back and landed a few feet away, his chest felt as if it had exploded under the chain mail shirt he wore.

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