Goonies – Retrospective review

Goonies – Retrospective review

One of the many wonderful things about having your own kids, is getting to share some of the movies you grow up watching with them. Emily’s no exception to this and we’ve already covered a wide array of movies from my child hood. One of these happens to be one of my favorites, one that I’ve already mentioned in my Top Ten Influential Films from my Childhood. For awhile I had been threatening to make Emily watch Goonies, to which she’d say, “I don’t want to, I won’t like it.” This is a key comment to keep in mind when you continue on through this review.

When I was growing up I had pretty much free reign over a huge backyard as well as the neighborhood. I made a few friends here and there. Pretty typical child hood. Movies were pretty common, which I’ve pretty much already gone over. One that I really couldn’t wait for Emily to be old enough to see, and one she hadn’t already seen was Goonies. This movie pretty much defined my adventurous spirit and wanting to be out roaming the country side looking for treasure. I’m sure most kids either grew up digging for bones or treasure, but what really solidified this movie for me, was how well it portrayed not only the kids, but the magic of that… Desire? Need…? To go on adventure as well as how important your friends were to you as a kid. It captured the allure of the imagination pretty good and really stuck with me growing up.

So when I was able to share this movie with my daughter, I was pretty excited to see how well she connected with it. Sure she said she didn’t want to see it. Being as she says this about a lot of things, then changes her mind after, I knew there was a likelihood she would with this as well. So I set out to find it. And wouldn’t you know it, it recently came out in Blu-ray. Sweet! Unfortunately every time I remembered to look for it, the store I was at, didn’t have it. Luckily for me, my wife remembered and picked it up for me this past Christmas. Blu-ray in hand and daughter in tow along with the wife, we sat down and watched the brilliance of such a classic movie.  A few hours later the credits rolled and I turned to Emily and asked her, “So, what’d you think?” She squinted her face at me, “Ehhh…” While moving her hand back and forth to indicate it was, ‘ok’.  Within the following few days, she had watched it about five times. Goonies had enthralled another child.

Having seen the movie in its re-mastered form was a treat to be sure. What was even more amazing than seeing the movie again, was how well the Goonies aged. The location, pretty much untouched since the movie was filmed 27 years later, is a place I’ve been a few dozen times or so.  Geez I’m old. As I said the movie aged well. There is VERY little technology or other decade defining ‘things’ in the movie. Sure there’s a few,  the biggest being the music of Cyndi Lauper. A few of the styles of cloths but really, and it is a bit odd seeing a kid version of Samwise Gamgee. Maybe a few other minor things here and there, but really it’s not enough to take you out of the movie and say, “boy that’s old”.

The adventure is still there. The promise that everyone can search for treasure and bring your friends along for the ride is still tempting. Even if there might be booty-traps abound, I mean, booby-traps. It’s a wonderful movie that is still worth watching, nearly 30 years later. Will we ever see a Goonies 2? Prolly not. Will we see a reboot? I hope not. Because I seriously doubt Hollywood will do it justice. Does this movie belong in your collection? Absolutely. I hope movies like this gets handed down from parent to child as we get older, because there is a huge library of movies that deserve to be.

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