Lio and the Stone Flame (Part 3)

Lio and the Stone Flame (Part 3)

Bo swung wildly causing his companions to cheer.

Lio stepped back, allowing Bo’s swing to miss completely and send him off balance. Bo stumbled and landed with a audible moan.

“I’m only going to ask nicely one more time, get out.” Lio said sternly watching Bo clamber to get his feet under him.

Most of the immediate area around Lio and Krystal had stood, watching Bo and his cronies with marked distrust. Lio knew the patrons and felt they would lend themselves to any kind of brawl, should it come to that.

Bo stood growled. “Fine, but you will be sorry for kicking me out!”

Bo and his friends shoved their way past the onlookers, slamming the door shut as they left.

Lio watched them leave then turned his attention to his wife who shook her head. She too had seen her share of misfits cross through their establishment. They all usually ended the same. Harsh words and a few lost gold pieces in revenue.

“Well, I’m glad they won’t be back.” She said as she began to clean up their mess.

“Aye.” Lio replied helping her with the chairs and broken glass.

People turned away seeing that the immediate threat had passed and returned to their drinks. Lio and Krystal returned to their duties once the table was been cleaned.

The evening went by as new guests came in while patrons, filled with good food and drink, left for home. Things began to settle down and the streets outside grew quiet as the night settled in.

“I’m going upstairs.” Lio said as he kissed his wife goodnight.

“Alright hon, I’ll be up shortly. I need to take out the bed pans.” She smacked his butt cheek as he turned away.

“Hey!” He yelped in mock outrage.

Krystal smiled and watch him disappear out of site. She turned her attention to the growing stack of bed pans by the back door. She took a deep breath then began taking them outside to dispose of their contents.

As she turned to take the empty pans to the well to wash them, she saw someone coming around the fence.

“I’m sorry, we’re closed. Come back tomorrow.” She called.

The person stumbled and she noticed who it was.

“Bo, go home.” She said sternly.

She set the pans down and began to pull up the pail from the well.

“I won’t be embarrassed in front of everyone again.” Bo glowered as he drew closer to Krystal.

“You were acting the fool, go home.” She repeated.

Bo covered the remaining distance quickly and gripped the nape of her neck, then slammed her head into the pole next to the well.

Tears instantly came to Krystal’s eyes as blood began run down her cheek and nose.

“I will have my revenge!” He growled as she threw her to the ground. He kicked her hard in the ribs as she tried to scramble away.

“You and your pitiful husband will pay for this.”

Krystal tried to scream but before she could, Bo’s meaty hand covered her mouth as he landed on her. His other hand ripped open her bodice and fondled her breast herd. She tried to get away but it was no good. His weight kept her from moving very far and all she accomplished doing, was becoming further pinned next to the wells stone walls.

“You feel so warm and inviting.” Bo sneered. “I let’s see what’s under this dress.”

With his free hand he reached down between them and pulled her dress and petty coat up to her waist.

Tears streamed down her eyes and she began to sob. She could barely breath and now with the pain of him forcing his fingers in her, she began to black out at the edge of her vision.

“Hmmm, so inviting.” He growled.

His hand fumbled with the draw string on his breech’s. “Hold on a minute my dear, I have something else for you.”

He pushed his trousers down enough to allow his growing probe to slide out. With his knees and massive legs he pushed her legs apart.

She no longer could hang on, her vision contracted as she felt massive burning emitting from her lower half as he forcible took her. Her mind dropped off into dark oblivion, leaving her body to the will of her attacker.


Lio stretched and rolled over. He couldn’t remember sleeping so heavily before. As soon as his head lay down and he stopped adjusting the lumps in his pillow, he fell sound asleep. He couldn’t even remember when his wife came to bed. He rolled over to find her spot empty. He sighed slightly. She must have had an early riser, that needed some food, or other demanding service.

He stood and got dressed then began his morning duties. As he went down stairs he heard someone crying uncontrollably from outside. He darted outside and saw Krystal laying next to the well, her clothes torn and blood stained.

“By the gods!” He said as he raced over to her. “Love, are you ok?”

Between crying fits, she managed to tell him how Bo had attacked her the night before. And with each word, more of Lio’s color drained from his face.

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