New Website looks GREAT!

New Website looks GREAT!

It’s about time got a makeover. So, now that we have a new home here, what are my plans? Let’s take a look at some of the features to answer those questions.

Facebook: This is a powerful tool in marketing. What better place to have a presence and make sure everyone knows there are new stories, news, or updates? I realize my trepidation in NOT using Facebook or other Social media, was counterproductive. If I’m going to market myself and the stories I hope to tell, I have to get myself and those stories out there.

Stories: Massive amounts of stories. I’m not going to limit myself to just the TigerForce. Nope. In the near future, there will be short stories, reviews, and other, longer pieces of work. These stories, along with the marketing attempt being worked on, will HOPEFULLY build readers.

Goals: Already we were able to keep one of the goals to the timeframe we setup. That goal was releasing this website before February 1st. Keeping the ball rolling. We have other goals in the works, so watch for announcements pertaining to those coming soon. In the mean time, the biggest goal of them all, is staying within those proposed time tables. Deadlines, if you will.

Will all these things help? I hope so. This year will be a lot of work and I hope it pays out in the end. Keep checking back and Like us in Facebook. Tell all your friends and family, get them involved and I’ll make it worth your time.

Thank you,

Daniel Dickinson

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