New Website! Revamp and Facebook!

New Website! Revamp and Facebook!

Its been a long time in the works and now, finally here we have the new and redesigned website, with fresh new graphics and some of the same old content that’s been around for awhile.

The old website had a lot of problems, mainly it didn’t work. This one is much simpler to admin, if a little less friendly on customization. There are changes still being worked on, for the most part however, the site is alive and kicking once again.

A word on some of the old content; the links and some of the images contained in the old news articles may not work. Mostly because the files have been moved and are no longer housed on The amount of work it would take to fix all the links, is a daunting task, at best, and will likely remain broken for the foreseeable future.

Facebook intergration was painless and I hope to have a like feature added to the news articals this point forward. I’ll not go back to the old ones, for the simple fact there are to many.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email admintiger (at)

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