New Year, New chances

New Year, New chances

Well it’s a new year. Yup. And no I’m not going to look back at 2011. No top ten’s of 2011 here. I will say though that I managed to keep things moving on here. There was pretty much an update a month, except I think in November and December. This is mostly due to time constraints and not really finding much to write about. Yeh, yeh… Excuses, excuses.

I did manage to have most of Book 1 edited thanks to my in house editor. Awesome job on that Mrs. Editor, thank you. So, what does this mean? Well… Hopefully it’ll get finished before July. By this time I hope to start shopping it around to agents. And with any luck by the end of the year it’ll get picked up. We can only hope.

Getting to that point will take some mental adjustment and letting go of the insecurities I have in actually shopping my book around. But I feel confident at this point, that I got a solid title and will get picked up.

Other things… I do have new artwork coming down the pipe. Illusia is nearly finished. And while my new monitors are helping, they also seem to have a nasty down side. In that black and dark blue hue’s show up as shiny area’s when looked at, from certain angles. I’ve managed to fix this, I think, so we’ll see how it effects new drawings. I will also bring out a few new ones from my iPad, since I have the ability to work on those more than sitting down at my PC. The PC drawings are more time consuming,  mostly because I can actually SEE the detail better, but also because I work in 300dpi, so it’s a large file.

Also, I’m going to get back into posting part of the story of the TigerForce. I have plans to finish the Lio and the Stone Flame within the next few months and will be posting that. Specially now since I have some free time writing, since it’s not all going into Book 1.

Speaking of books, Book 2 is in pre-planning and I have idea’s and a theme and a plot. So that’s a start.I have some chapters written and have a clear outline of what needs to be written. I’ll work on that during the second half of the year.

I will keep up with the one month minimum, and will like to see two a month. We’ll see how that goes. Check back later, I’ll be posting a new review later, as well as the Illusia picture.

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