So, what are Mac’s good for? Well, aside from paper weights, they are good for idiots that don”t know anything about technology.

To the nations on List 1, a final thought Thanks guys. We owe you and we won’t forget. To the nations on List 2, a final thought: You might want to learn to speak Arabic.

Bill Gates has got me rollin, that I just may forget that ME ever happened. Naw, who”m I kidden? Linux!

At least someone’s getting something from the disaster….

Just the code to see the people of the Sims naked.

It’s even available as a seperate window, so you can navigate normally…

There’s more to come as well!

Welcome to Dark Manor, home of the famous band of friends known as TigerForce.

Created by Ken Williams way back in the day, this was an online game that basicly, started it all… And here was are…

I want to make it an actual module for Nuke, but untill I have time to reverse engineer other modules and learn this neat trick; the Book Shelves will be a bit mundane….