Words of Wisdom

What we’ve lost

The other day a friend of mine at work and I were discussing my recent foray into this desire to cook pastrami from scratch. The discussion went from there into what he and I could, and couldn’t cook and the concession was most people are only able to cook from boxes or pre-made meals. Confirmed…

Lio stretched and rolled over. He couldn’t remember sleeping so heavily before. As soon as his head lay down and he stopped adjusting the lumps in his pillow, he fell sound asleep. He couldn’t even remember when his wife came to bed. He rolled over to find her spot empty. He sighed slightly. She must have had an early riser, that needed some food, or other demanding service.

This will be my third year at the Phoenix Comicon, here in my home town. Recently I’ve got to work with some amazing people, seen some great media guests and even had my picture taken with a few of them.

Will we ever see a Goonies 2? Prolly not. Will we see a reboot? I hope not. Because I seriously doubt Hollywood will do it justice. Does this movie belong in your collection? Absolutely. I hope movies like this gets handed down from parent to child as we get older, because there is a huge library of movies that deserve to be.

Six String Samurai was released in late 1998, to little or no fanfare. It bombed at the box offices. Despite only having a budget of $2.00 million, the movie only made $134,000 thousand by 1999. Not a lot of money. The size of the budget doesn’t matter since most this movie was filmed on location around Death Valley and other parts of California and Nevada.

New Year, New chances

I did manage to have most of Book 1 edited thanks to my in house editor. Awesome job on that Mrs. Editor, thank you. So, what does this mean? Well… Hopefully it’ll get finished before July. By this

But hell, if I had super money, I’d pour it into R&D too. Who wouldn’t want to run around the city at night, gliding above the cityscape, swooping down on would be criminals and hanging them up on streetlamps?

The Golden Age of Movies

In terms of story, plot and character development, I think this movie actually gives more, then the other two. This flick isn’t nearly as iconic as the others, but it gives more than mere images, it gives other movies that borrow from it heart.

“Hon’shu!” He heard his commander’s voice yell over the roar of battle. “Get those Orcs BACK! NOW!”

It’s about lessons learned, it’s about giving a little piece of me each day to my daughter. In the end this will be her legacy. It won’t be an empire, it won’t be monetary gain, but will be far more precious to her then both those things combined. Whose life will she touch growing up? Will she see things differently? Will she know what to do with these life experiences?