Words of Wisdom

I can take it anywhere and don’t have to have a separate pencil and drawing pad if I want to bust out a sketch or something. One thing that I do fault with the App is the speed. Sometimes it lags and that can be a distraction.

Every kid had dreams about one day finding that mystical map in their back yard, telling their friends about it and heading out to seek fame and fortune.

Duke Nukem: Forever

The games biggest fault has got to be the load times. The levels are linier. There is enough to see and interact with and even hidden area’s within this, to make it seem larger. This is likely the reason for huge load times, the game loads the entire area your in, interactive devices and all, which I’m sure, causes the waiting screen to take FOREVER. Maybe that’s where it got the subtitle?

Thor (Review)

Marvel Entertainment has got my vote, regardless of how bad a movie can be. There have been times when I question that loyalty (I’m looking at you Hulk – 2003). Luckily for me, Thor wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

Krystal served everyone breakfast while Lio handed out mead, ale or juice to his patrons as they all enjoyed the food Krystal had prepared.

Bottles of liquor, juices, fruits and breads were stocked on shelves behind him, read to be served. The smell of fresh eggs, potatoes and meats wafted in from the kitchen. Everything was set.

In the mean time, the biggest goal of them all, is staying within those proposed time tables. Deadlines, if you will.

Facebook intergration was painless and I hope to have a like feature added to the news articals this point forward. I’ll not go back to the old ones, for the simple fact there are to many.

The Creator

How the dwarves came to worships him in an unknown part of history. He is depicted as a star with an open hand in the center.


She is often depicted as the Gate’har moon with a crown of stars.