Phoenix Comicon – 2012

Phoenix Comicon – 2012

This will be my third year at the Phoenix Comicon, here in my home town. I’ve got to work with some amazing people, seen some great media guests and even had my picture taken with a few of them.

Its really kind of hard to write something about it that is from outside perspective and not as a fan boy. Its tough. Most of my experiences are within the Convention itself, and working with the wonderful staff that runs it. Whats even more amazing is this year is it’s ten year anniversary. I remember attending a comic convention way back in the day, at a large bar here in town called, Graham Central Station. The line was wrapped around the building. Todd Macfarlane was one of the guests.That was back in the 90’s though. Now, Phoenix has a honest-to-goodness Comicon. San Diego? Psh. PAX? Whats that? Chicago? Whatever. My home town has a Comic Convention that I can actually be proud to not only be apart of, but also see how it’s grown over the last few years. As you can tell I have a great amount of love for this state and it’s hard working people. Not to mention the great guests they bring in. Which include Leonard Nimoy, Adam Baldwin, George Takei to name a few of the past years guests. This year we’ll have Bret Spiner’s who has been here a few times. Also returning is Jeremy Bulloch and Levar Burton, which is awesome because he was one of my first responsibilities when I started working with the convention. It’s also pretty amazing that while Phoenix Comicon enjoys it’s 10 year anniversary, Star Trek: The Next Generation celebrates it’s 25th. So why not bring out a few more Star Trek: TNG guests and invite Micheal Dorn, Marina Sertis and Patrick Stewart. So that’s five of the bridge crew from ST:TNG. Lets not forget the Captain that started it all, William Shatner.

Among those guests there will be a myriad of other well deserving cast members from other TV and movie media’s that will be here to greet fans, and have a enjoyable time while here in the valley. Ed Asner for example. For more information of Guests, be sure to Like Phoenix Comicon on Facebook, and swing by their website. Hopefully I’ll see you there.


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