Saddam Hussein, A few inches taller

Saddam Hussein, A few inches taller

I wanted to get this out the day after I heard the news, so some of this might be old information. Ah, well. Sorry for the delay. But, in the end I feel it”s much better that I waited and got what I asked for, then to shoot off with mis-information and a skew point of view.

Anyway, instead of saluting the person’s life as I normally do here, I’m going to be a little bid morbid and praise his death. Saddam Hussein is finally dead. War after war, crime after crime he’s finally gone. Good riddance! Whatever the reason is that we sent troops to Iraqi, I’m glad we did. His reign was long and marred with death and destruction. I have a friend, that I’ve known for a very long time, who just happens to be a good source of information, when it comes to mid-eastern politics and understanding. When I asked him his point of view on this, here”s what he had to say: “This is the same person which started an eight year war against Iran during one of its most vulnerable times in history, one year after the Iranian Revolution of 1979. In addition to leading an aggressive campaign, Saddam also used chemical weapons against Iranians. This fact has been curiously omitted from the news.” 

“The case against Saddam was purely about the deaths of Iraqi Shi”ites in an Iraqi village. After this was heard, he was sentenced to death. A quick automatic appeal, followed by an even quicker death. The Kurds in Iraq who were mistreated and gassed did not have their day in court. Neither did the Iranians.”

“Saddam”s actions transcended country boundary lines. His crimes were of an international nature, thus international jurisdiction. Saddam should have been sent to the Hague to answer for all of his crimes, not just for the crimes he committed against the Iraqi Shi””ites who now control Iraq””s new government. I am against the death penalty for any human being, and believe that justice for all was most certainly not served. Nobody, not even the oppressed Iraqis or Iranians who lost loved ones during the Iran-Iraq war, should be cheering right now. Until there is justice for all, Iraq will not be free.”

Calling himself a martyr is a stretch of the imagination when 95% of his people, are glad he’s gone. Still, I have to wonder what’s going to happen now. Retaliation? Possibly. Further violence over there? No doubt about that. I only wish the troops over there good luck and safe journeys. Come home guys and may the fates watch over your families.