Soul Man, Come home

Soul Man, Come home

Ever so often a celebrity dies and you think, “Wow, that sucks.” But, more so when James Brown Died this past Monday. On Christmas! He died of heart failure Monday at the age of 73. The godfather of soul! Shakin it like he did, could never be matched by anyone, nor could his style of singing be reproduced. It’s a shame, it really is a loss to the music industry. Get up of’a that thing and show some respect for the God Father of soul. Sing on man, sing on…

Honorable Mention:

As I wrote this, it came to my attention that Gerald Ford passed away this morning. Regardless of your politics, when a former president dies, you should pay him your respects..


       James Brown                        Gerald Ford

     James Brown 1933 – 2006              Gerald Carter 1913 – 2006