Summer Olympics 2012

Summer Olympics 2012

It seems there are fans of the Olympics, there are fans of the sports, and there are those that just don’t care either way. I fall in the fans of the Olympics category. The sports themselves I wouldn’t spend the time to watch, Soccer for example. Ninety minutes of players running around on a field, not doing much except kicking a ball back and forth. I get tired just watching it. Come Olympic time however, Its different. Taking Soccer still as an example, the whole air about it changes. Watching it is still boring for the first eighty minutes of game time. When those minutes countdown however, whichever teams are playing, you find yourself rooting for them.

When I was little, I can remember several and varying degree of Olympic memories. From the Jesse Owens hospital in South Phoenix, Misha the 1980 Olympic mascot, or Sam, the 1984 Olympic mascot, both took up room in my stuffed animal collection as a child. I remember taking a tour of the Olympic village in Colorado, to watching the torch pass through New Mexico. All this really didn’t lead me to want to be Olympian apparently, to much discipline, and well, I’m lazy.

I really can only remember watching the Olympics once in my youth. I may be wrong in that, but for sure I can only remember one time. That was the Summer Olympics that took place as we were traveling. I can remember watching it in the lobby of the hotel as we ate breakfast. Why would such a trivial thing be remembered to this day?

Whatever the case may be, I’ve tried to watch it every time its on. More so now as an adult. I think this is due to the fact I have time for this. I’m more aware of then it occurs. I’m lucky I’ve watched the last half dozen or so Olympics. The things that occur there are amazing. The records, the heartache, the miracles. And yes, I mean that one literally. I really don’t know how to accurately explain how it feels to watch the Olympics, and feel a since of pride in the hard working Olympians, when they achieve something no one else can. Seeing The ‘92 Dream Team, the best Basketball team every assembled, play in Barcelona. Or see Phelps become to most decorated Olympian in History. Either way, there’s a wonder to it. Even if it isn’t my own country who’s winning in the face of adversity, or breaking records, there is still wonder in watching it happen.

Whether its Summer or Winter, I will continue to watch them. I will watch and support the athletes that to me, are doing things maybe deep down in side, I wish I could do. Regardless, the Summer Olympics 2012 were great, thank you Team USA.

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