It’s here and Available

It’s here and Available and the future!

I can not believe it’s finally here. My very first published work. If you haven’t already, run over to Kyanite and purchase a copy. You won’t be disappointed. Check out my review too, if you need further convincing. This is just the start, my friends. Here is a list of upcoming works, that I hope to have published soon.

Fallen Iron (Military-Scifi)
Haunting of Meadow Hills (Horror) (Submitted)
Stitched Pieces – A Tigerforce Tale (Fantasy)
Outlaw of Theta Scorpii (Scifi)
Darkfall Origins – The Tigerforce Saga – Book 1 (Epic Fantasy)
Phantoms of Hope – The Tigerforce Saga – Book 2 (Epic Fantasy)
One Hundred Year War – Tigerforce Saga – Book 3 (Epic Fantasy)
Requiem Continuance – Tigerforce Saga – Book 4 (Epic Fantasy)
Six-Gun Sword Slinger (Western-Fantasy)
Ellie (Scifi) (Submitted)
Escape from Ogre Island (Fantasy) (Available now!)
Unnamed Dark Fantasy (Dark Fantasy)

There will be plenty more, so stick around and check back often for even more adventure!

Genesis of Vengeance Snippet

Tiger turned in time to see more Sin Orbs burst through the trees behind Emerald, who was moaning and trying to prop herself up on her elbows.

“They are testing you.” Emerald said. “Don’t let your guard down.”

A few more orbs came at them which Tiger quickly dispatched. Before he could regain his balance, the larger orb burst towards them. It hit Emeralds barrier with a loud crackling sound which caused her to grunt with the sudden weight against it.

“Get it off the barrier!” Emerald called weakly. “It’s draining me.”

Catt held her hand up causing the air around the orb to explode in flame. The Sin Orb didn’t move. Kinetic energy, Catt’s innate ability burned with fierce intensity but still the orb made no attempt to move.

With a sudden crack that split the still air around them, the Sin Orb and Emerald’s barrier exploded. Emerald flew back towards the bushes and landed heavily, her breath forcefully knocked from her lungs. Tiger and Catt both ducked and fell sideways, expecting to be hit by large shards from the orb.

Tiger stood quickly as the remaining orbs advanced on them. He swung upwards at the nearest orb, splitting it up the middle and causing it to explode in response.

Catt stood up and flicked her wrist at another orb. The wave of energy whipped towards it, but did nothing to slow its advance towards her.

“Huh?” She said as she rolled out of the way.     Read more “Genesis of Vengeance Snippet”

Lio and the Stone Flame (Part 3)

Lio stretched and rolled over. He couldn’t remember sleeping so heavily before. As soon as his head lay down and he stopped adjusting the lumps in his pillow, he fell sound asleep. He couldn’t even remember when his wife came to bed. He rolled over to find her spot empty. He sighed slightly. She must have had an early riser, that needed some food, or other demanding service.

Bo swung wildly causing his companions to cheer.

Lio stepped back, allowing Bo’s swing to miss completely and send him off balance. Bo stumbled and landed with a audible moan.

“I’m only going to ask nicely one more time, get out.” Lio said sternly watching Bo clamber to get his feet under him.

Most of the immediate area around Lio and Krystal had stood, watching Bo and his cronies with marked distrust. Lio knew the patrons and felt they would lend themselves to any kind of brawl, should it come to that.

Bo stood growled. “Fine, but you will be sorry for kicking me out!”

Bo and his friends shoved their way past the onlookers, slamming the door shut as they left.

Lio watched them leave then turned his attention to his wife who shook her head. She too had seen her share of misfits cross through their establishment. They all usually ended the same. Harsh words and a few lost gold pieces in revenue.

“Well, I’m glad they won’t be back.” She said as she began to clean up their mess.

“Aye.” Lio replied helping her with the chairs and broken glass.

People turned away seeing that the immediate threat had passed and returned to their drinks. Lio and Krystal returned to their duties once the table was been cleaned.

The evening went by as new guests came in while patrons, filled with good food and drink, left for home. Things began to settle down and the streets outside grew quiet as the night settled in.

“I’m going upstairs.” Lio said as he kissed his wife goodnight.

“Alright hon, I’ll be up shortly. I need to take out the bed pans.” She smacked his butt cheek as he turned away.

“Hey!” He yelped in mock outrage.

Krystal smiled and watch him disappear out of site. She turned her attention to the growing stack of bed pans by the back door. She took a deep breath then began taking them outside to dispose of their contents.

As she turned to take the empty pans to the well to wash them, she saw someone coming around the fence.

“I’m sorry, we’re closed. Come back tomorrow.” She called.

The person stumbled and she noticed who it was.

“Bo, go home.” She said sternly.

She set the pans down and began to pull up the pail from the well.

“I won’t be embarrassed in front of everyone again.” Bo glowered as he drew closer to Krystal.

Read more “Lio and the Stone Flame (Part 3)”

Chapter 2 – Reflections of Nightmares

“Hon’shu!” He heard his commander’s voice yell over the roar of battle. “Get those Orcs BACK! NOW!”

“Hon’shu!” He heard his commander’s voice yell over the roar of battle. “Get those Orcs BACK! NOW!”

His commander was a stout, ruddy man with scars up and down his arms and across his face. His eyes blazed with fury and focused hatred.

Hon’shu’s sword sang its song of death as it darted in out and out of the greenish horde. A blur of steel, followed by the spray of blood showered his senses. The red liquid that dripped down his face narrowed his vision. Fear kept him moving during those few weeks.

“Argh!” He heard his commander yell, a spear had penetrated his breastplate, just below the ribcage. The monster that had attacked him did not live long enough though to see if his attack had done the commander in.

“Sir!” Hon’shu remembered yelling, just before his commanders head was lobbed off by a skeletal warrior.

They were hopelessly outnumbered. They always were. The more they killed, the more were raised the next day to fight in place of the fallen. Bodies were piled up in great pyres in front of the keep and burned in attempt the stem the tide of undead monsters that could be raised the next day. The foul, rancid stench of burning flesh could never be washed from his skin and hair. He began to shave his head in attempt to keep some of the smell from lingering. But it was no use. It is sweet, pungent odor had sunk into his nose and embedded itself in memory.

He blinked and cleared the vision from his eyes. The fireplace once again appeared before him and he took a deep drink from his glass before refilling it.

After those first weeks, he learned not to care as much. There was no room for compassion. He had to continue among the chaos of battle despite the open wounds in his soul. Nothing in all his training had prepared him for what he had seen at Fort Point. He executed each battle more and more efficiently and soon fewer and fewer people close to him died at the hands of the Fire Isle Mages and the horde of Orcs.

Years before. Before his time in the Swords of Justice, he knew the Mages had successfully invaded and conquered Xecu’tran, far to the north of Xonthian City. During the first years of war, the vile Mages occupied a small island south west of Xecu’tran where they pushed north east to occupy a small uninhabited section west of Cettera where they then launched an assault on the capitol city. The strength they had exerted to invade the northern continentcould have been Xonthians downfall, but they were spared the same fate.

The Clerics of Gate’har had agreed to assist in the war efforts after that. With their help, Xonthian was able to keep the Fire Isle Mages from pushing further then Fort Point and the Wall of Ages.

Because he was well learned in history and studied past battles as a morbid hobby as a child, he was well adverse in large scale strategy. He knew the importance of holding the pass at all cost. He and his men did so, with a growing amount of sacrifice that overshadowed the entire war from that point on.

Hon’shu swung back the liquid in his glass, his gaze falling to the fire, it’s tendrils of flame danced seductively in its stone prison, begging to be let lose. He filled his glass and took another long swig of his whiskey. Hissing between his teeth as the warmth stung his throat.

Lio and the Stone Flame (Part 2)

Krystal served everyone breakfast while Lio handed out mead, ale or juice to his patrons as they all enjoyed the food Krystal had prepared.

Lio stepped out of the kitchen to the bar to see Kallis and his friend talking amiably, oblivious to Lios extended disappearance. More of his overnight guests began to fill up the tables scattered around the room, waiting their turn. Seats began to fill and both Krystal and Lio got extremely busy.

Krystal served everyone breakfast while Lio handed out mead, ale or juice to his patrons as they all enjoyed the food Krystal had prepared.

The rest of the morning and through the afternoon things around the tavern began to pick up. Lunch was their busiest time of the day. Many of the guards, workers, travelers just getting in or the occasional aristocrat made their appearance at the tavern.

Lio had so far refused to hire anymore help, leaving him and Krsytal to work hard to keep up with the demand of such influential people, with deep pockets.

Decades of running the tavern honed their skills to a fine, well worked and effortless mechanism. Because they were the only two that worked the tavern and accompanying Inn, they could afford to make the place look extravagant, yet remain affordable. Aside from the atmosphere, the food and drink they offered was the best in town. Each meal was prepared with care and love that each bite reflected. A staple of the Stone Flame that showed the level of compassion the owners had for their guests and patrons.

The morning gave way to the afternoon crowd and slowly, as the sunset, evening settled on the tavern. New guests checked in, while a few of the previous days guests left.

“Krystal, is room twenty four clean?” Lio asked over his shoulder as he studied a ledger.

“Yes.” His wife replied. “Just finished it a few minutes ago.”

Lio wrote down the new guests name and turned the book to him. “Please sign here.”

The man did so and paid Lio, thanking him before disappearing upstairs to settle in.

“Ok, we’re full.” Lio beamed proudly, setting the funds in the usual lock box under the tavern.

Krystal came out of the kitchen at vanished into the crowd. It was an unusually busy dinner rush. Many of the taverns current customers were mercenaries, hired by the king to help keep pressure on the Dark Army at the Wall of Ages, miles away from Xonthian City. They ate ferociously and drank deeply from Lio’s kegs.

“More ale over here, sweety!” One of them yelled boisterously.

“Just a moment!” Krystal replied, undeterred.

The man grumbled and returned to the conversation at his table.

Lio wiped off the bar top and then washed out the empty mugs left behind by their previous users. He took one of the mugs and filled it with Ale before setting it down for Krystal to take to the loud man who had demanded it a few minutes ago.

She smiled as she walked over to retrieve the mug and then returned to the chaos surrounding them.

Lio heard more then saw, the tone of the chaos change. He looked up from his work behind the bar, to see the man who had growl for a new round of ale, making lewd gestures at his wife. He knew his wife was more then capable of handling the unwanted advances. This man however, was letting go and moving on. He was getting rougher. The crowd around the man and his friends, began exchanging concerned glances at the commotion.

Worried things might escalate further, Lio walked over to the table and looked around. “Is there a problem here?”

“Aye, this pretty thing won’t sit with me an my friends, keep our laps warm.”

Lio looked at Krystal who shook her head and stepped beside Lio.

“I think you gentlemen have had enough.” Lio suggested. “Why don’t we consider your tab settled and you guys head on home.

“What do you think of that, Bo?” One of the men sitting at the table jeered.

“I think he’s not thinking clearly.” Bo replied, glaring at Lio.

“Just leave.” Lio replied coolly. “Now.”

Bo laughed evilly and upended the table his friends were sitting at. Sending ale, food, and flying through the air.

Lio had dealt with his share of inebriated misfits. Bo was no different. He was unbalanced and over compensated his swings.

Lio and the Stone Flame (Part 1)

Bottles of liquor, juices, fruits and breads were stocked on shelves behind him, read to be served. The smell of fresh eggs, potatoes and meats wafted in from the kitchen. Everything was set.

 Lio and the Stone Flame (Part 1)

     “I don’t need to apologize for anything.” Lio growled, pointing an accusing finger at the large, burly man in front of him. “You RAPED my wife!”

     Lio was shorter than the man yelling at him in the full view of dozens of witnesses. He was well stout and completely hairless, Bo was the total opposite. He was tall, strong and covered with dark brown curly hair. His companions were similarly built though with lesser degrees of hair and not as broad his their leader.

     “Are you going to take that accusation, Bo?” One of them jeered.

     “You threw me out of tavern for no good reason!” Bo shouted at Lio. “Your wife deserved it!”

“You deserve to be hung by the neck!” Lio growled angrily.

“You are an arrogant, sniveling old man!” Bo snapped, shaking a fist at Lio. “Let us back in, or you’ll regret it!”

     “No, I refuse to serve you anymore. Go find another hole to drown yourself in.”

     Before Lio could react, Bo covered the short distance between them and punched him across the jaw, sending him reeling back in pain.

     Chaos exploded around them as people began screaming and scattering like rats.

     Bo jumped on him, throwing punches into head and chest in rapped succession. Lio was not a warrior, but he knew how to defend himself in a street fight. Bo’s surprise and superior size and speed however took him off guard. There was little use in fighting back, and all he could manage was to throw his arms up, and hope the guards would show up soon.

     He felt warm, sticky blood run down his neck and face. His thoughts began to cloud over and his vision began to narrow. Visions of his wife, happy and content, smiled at him. His arms finally gave way and they fell to the cobble stone road. Blood pooled under his head as he lay there. He felt the weight of Bo being dragged off him just before he lost consciousness.

The previous day…

Lio Smithin opened the tavern as he had every day for the last twenty-three years. He washed the mugs, goblets and plates, stacked them carefully and scrubbed every surface in the place. Being one of Xonthians largest and most prestigious tavern inns, his patrons expected a cretin level of cleanliness.  The Stone Flame, lovingly named by his wife, was an establishment merchants and heads of state frequented. It was one of the better respected places in town, and boasted the most comfortable rooms in all Xonthian.

     Lio stood at the bar, looking around to ensure every candlestick holders had fresh new candles. The few guests he had staying upstairs in rooms would be coming down for breakfast soon. Bottles of liquor, juices, fruits and breads were stocked on shelves behind him, read to be served. The smell of fresh eggs, potatoes and meats wafted in from the kitchen. Everything was set.

He walked to the door and unlocked the two heavy bolts and then opened the door to peer out into the early morning light. The shade from the second floor blanketed the cold grey cobble stone road that lead north into the hard of Xonthian City.

“Good morning.” A man called across the fairway.

“Good morning, my friend.” Lio replied, waving gingerly to the cobbler.

Lio stepped back into the tavern, allowing the cool morning air to seep in. It was pleasant and smelled of baking bread and early morning freshness.

He inhaled deeply. “It will be a beautiful day.” He thought to himself.

“Good morning.”

Lio looked up to see a notable merchant from Port Orlins stroll down the stairs. Long dark blue robes clung loosely on his body.

“Good morning, Kallis.” Lio replied, nodding slightly. “You sleep well?”

“As always Lio, thank you.”

Kallis was one of the more prosperous merchants. Even though the war has put a strain on shipping goods of any kind, Kallis has managed to remain a very wealthy man.

Lio turned to enter the kitchen and nearly ran his wife two decades over.

“Oh, I’m sorry hon!” Lio said, smiling and placing his large hands on her slender shoulders to keep her from falling over.

“It’s ok.” Krystal smiled warmly, planting a kiss on his lips. “Everything all set out here?”

“Yes.” He said, following her into the kitchen. “That food smells wonderful. Bacon? Potato’s?

“New recipe I’m trying. The idea came to me last night as I was trying to fall asleep.”

Lio frowned. “I must not have done my job well enough.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, I was properly swoon and weak limbed after.” Krystal grinned, placing a finger on his lips as they stood beside the stove.

“Oh, good. Don’t want to step out of practice.” He said, kissing her finger.

“I’ll take a plate out to Kallis.”

Lio turned and left her to plate the food. He returned to the tavern to see Kallis sitting at the bar talking to another patron, Lio couldn’t recall the second man’s name but greeted him pleasantly nonetheless.

“What can I get you gentlemen to drink?”

“Mead for me.” Kallis replied.

“Same.” His companion responded with a smile.

Krystal entered and the men’s heads perked up to the intense smell of bacon, and herbs.

“Oh man, that smells great.” Kallis grinned eagerly.

She set the plates down and turned to leave, smacking Lios rump playfully as she passed.

He grinned over his shoulder and before setting the goblets of mead down in front of their guests.

“Excuse me for a moment.” Lio said to his guests before leaving them to their meals.

Lio entered the kitchen and walked over to where Krystal was cleaning some dishes in the back of the room. He walked up behind her and pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her, just under her plump breasts.

“Hey now, what do you think you’re doing?” She squirmed playfully.

“I better make up for last night’s drab performance.”

Krystal giggled and turned around. “Right now?”

Lio ran his hands slowly down her back to hold on to her nice and ample buttocks.

She squeaked slightly. “We have guests!”

“So you better be quit.” He grinned, as he hiked her dress up.

Krystal’s hands moved down to Lio’s breeches and untied them, before sliding her hand in.

“Mmmmm…” He moaned. “Your hand is wet.”

“I was doing dishes.” She purred.

He pulled her around to the stack of wheat and rice bags, pinning her against them as she rubbed him lovingly in her hands.

Lio leaned over and kissed her passionately, pulling her skirt up he stood between her legs. She guided him to her and he pushed in. He watched her as she her bottom lip, in attempt to contain a moan of pleasure.