Author Page and Future Updates

Author Page and Future Updates

I have an Amazon author page! Yeah me! Click on over to Amazon and be sure to follow my Amazon Author Page, for whenever new books are published and publicly available. I have also updated Facebook with an author page, this will better align Facebook, so if you haven’t already, head over there and follow my author page.

The website will be undergoing some changes in the near future. I’m going to work on making it more professionally focused, which means changing the formatting and theme.

The Rim - Future

There is still one submission out there, awaiting approval or denial. I have gotten one denial back already. Which is fine, it’s part of the game. In the meantime, however, I’ll continue to write as much as possible, and submit a whole new list in March. So stay tuned!

Update! It LIVES!

Finally, an update. It LIVES! Geez, what are you lazy? The answer is yes. Yes, I am. To be fair though, I’ve changed jobs twice in the eight years since these pages have been updated.

So, what’s changed?

Well, we’ve had some ups and downs in that time frame. I’ve moved servers, I’ve lost some domains due to ever need to tighten our belts. As well as a growing determination to get more writing done.

On that note, I’ll (hopefully) be spending more time here writing. I have a plan. Or, at least, part… Of a plan.

I hope to have more short stories involving outside/supporting characters that all intertwine with the greater Tigerforce stories.

I have added WorldAnvil to my list of things that need to be updated constantly. As well as the desire to draw more.

Plus, there’s the Facebook page, which, will act more like a beacon and announcement center for the times when changes to the site do occur. I will update more regularly.

Made to be broken!

Now, don’t get me wrong I didn’t go to public school….

Ok… Is Arizona becoming the next California? Why the HELL is Chandler trying to make something natural like breast feeding a crime??? Any and every mother I know, doesn”t exactly whip out their breast to everyone before slappin it in their babies mouth! What about all those women and teens running around half clothed in Chandler Fashion Mall? Shouldn”t that be a crime? Come on folks….! We have more important things to do…. Like TEACH OUR KIDS the right way to dress…Another thing that’s got me thinking, is the new anti-Bully Law… What? Don”t we have more important things to do then police bullies in school? Now, let me preface this by saying,  I didn’t go to public school… However, this doesn’t mean I didn’t have to deal with bullies.

Bullies are a part of school growing up, DEAL WITH IT. I mean come on, survival of the fittest remember? We goina start policing every school in Arizona, so we protect some kids feelings?!? Basically turning the teachers into parents? How about this… Ok…. Get this… How about, THE PARENTS DO THEIR JOB!

Maybe then we can have the state work on more important things like our current ranking on Education..