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Tiger turned in time to see more Sin Orbs burst through the trees behind Emerald, who was moaning and trying to prop herself up on her elbows.

Lio stretched and rolled over. He couldn’t remember sleeping so heavily before. As soon as his head lay down and he stopped adjusting the lumps in his pillow, he fell sound asleep. He couldn’t even remember when his wife came to bed. He rolled over to find her spot empty. He sighed slightly. She must have had an early riser, that needed some food, or other demanding service.

“Hon’shu!” He heard his commander’s voice yell over the roar of battle. “Get those Orcs BACK! NOW!”

Krystal served everyone breakfast while Lio handed out mead, ale or juice to his patrons as they all enjoyed the food Krystal had prepared.

Bottles of liquor, juices, fruits and breads were stocked on shelves behind him, read to be served. The smell of fresh eggs, potatoes and meats wafted in from the kitchen. Everything was set.

How the dwarves came to worships him in an unknown part of history. He is depicted as a star with an open hand in the center.

She is often depicted as the Gate’har moon with a crown of stars.

She is depicted as a snow flake, or a divine maiden spirit of ice.

He is worshiped by the Shadow Elves as well as the Fire Isle Mages. He gave AlphaOmega his anger and judgment.

She gave AlphaOmega wisdom and intelligence, as well as the ability to create life.