Ember of War

It is with great pleasure, I announce the next epic collection of stories, “Ember of War”. An anthology published by Fedowar Press!

Three heroic tales from the Kingdom of Xonthian.

Ember of War

Life was complicated, but Korrith had the love of his life by his side. Together, they thought they would be safe from the growing hatred that Mages faced on a daily basis. When Korrith takes a supposedly easy job with his friend Edrin, it turns out to be far more insidious than they had imagined. Now, they are thrust into a fight for their lives as tensions between Clerics, Mages, and Kingdoms flare. Can love survive? Or will they become pawns in a much larger scheme?

Voyage of Tears

With the Mages now struggling to survive, the kingdom of Xonthian has taken a stand. Cain, a soldier in the Swords of Justice, is tasked with exiling them to the Fire Isles, a harsh, unforgiving chain of land. What should be a simple voyage turns into discovery, tolerance, and purpose. But will Cain and his crew make it back home? Or is something waiting for them in the waters?

Battle of Smoke and Fire

Driven by the thrill of life, Roaric teams up with a motley crew of rebels intent on saving Mages from being exiles to the Fire Isle. Their goal is simple, to cause as much terror against the Clerics of Gate’har and rescue as many mages as they can. Can they save themselves and the prisoners, or will they be caught and executed?

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