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  • Axel F – Hollywood Trope

    For awhile I’ve been having this topic stew in my mind. Mostly because I’m not entirely sure I can articulate the necessary points I’m going to try and outline below. Let’s dive right into the issue at the heart of this and see where it goes. The problem I have…

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  • Ember of War

    It is with great pleasure, I announce the next epic collection of stories, “Ember of War”. An anthology published by Fedowar Press! Three heroic tales from the Kingdom of Xonthian. Ember of War Life was complicated, but Korrith had the love of his life by his side. Together, they thought…

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  • Music is Life

    Music is the one constant in life, it binds us, brings us together, and soothes our very soul. Regardless of the genre, its music that speaks to us, unfettered by language, continent, religion, or creed. I have a very eclectic taste when it comes to music. Rock, rap, hip-hop, blues,…

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