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  • Disney World – Thoughts

    We recently went to Disney World for a family vacation. And well, it was fine. I guess maybe I need to back up, before I get into this. Some, guidelines, so to speak. First of all, we’re a Disney Family. My daughter was raised with a healthy dose of Disney…

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  • Random Updates

    Here we are, second update of March. You’re probably wondering, “How is this randomness, even considered news?” Uhhh… Well, its not. Yes, I’m cheating on this second post for the month. Whatcha goin’ do? First thing is the maps in the Compendium will be updated soon. I have moved over…

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  • Compendium

    Big addition to the website. I’m VERY happy with the way the Xonthian Compendium turned out. The new section within the TigerForce website, contains a massive 180 pages of wiki level content that provides background, history, and a general working of all aspects within Xonthian. What is Xonthian? Xonthian is…

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