Big addition to the website. I’m VERY happy with the way the Xonthian Compendium turned out. The new section within the TigerForce website, contains a massive 180 pages of wiki level content that provides background, history, and a general working of all aspects within Xonthian.

What is Xonthian? Xonthian is a world. It is a continent. It is a people. The world of Xonthian is thick with diversity and rich in history. From Xonthian City, where humans live their lives in a large city while the outskirts have some of the land’s richest crops and farms. Or the island of Juan’kij, where the elves have secluded themselves in the forests of Timilik. The Dwarves living peacefully under the Shadow Mountains, and the Atticatten, who have hidden away on the easternmost peninsula of Xecutran. Where Orcs, Ogres and darker races who live in long-forgotten jungles and swamps, or in the shadows of lost civilizations. To the undiscovered lands of the east, where magic, sword, and gunslingers travel desert vistas. It is the entire world I created for most of my novels and stories. It is a playground for my characters, giving me freedom to write, without having to first spend time figuring out how that world actually works.

So feel free to read all 180 pages. Explore the world and enjoy. I’ve spent decades on this world, and it continues to grow. The newest addition, Emberwood, will be expanded in the coming months. MOST of the Emberwood lore however, draws from the rest of the Xonthian World. There are some differences and some expansion there, but it still follows most of the rules. I will let you know when I complete that addition.

Further changes and additions to the Xonthian Page are in the works, like an interactive map. That’s taking me a bit more time, as it requires some programming. And I suck at programming. Keep checking back for that.