Maps Galore

You want maps? We have maps galore! Ok, well, in all honesty, I’m not even done with all the map additions. MOST of the Xonthian Maps I have, with the exception of the cities, are updated and complete. Cities take the longest it seems, and some are not even sketched out. That said, there are currently 12 maps you can look at, most of them have hot spots you can mouse over, to find little tidbits of Loooooore. Totally just said that in my head as Mat Pat. Anyway, take a look around at the maps located in the Compendium, let me know if you find any errors. Hot Spots should all link to a wiki article. Some hot spots may not be easily identifiable either, explore, mouse over everything. There’s no rush here.

I plan to add more in the coming months, I’m not sure however there will be a corresponding Blog Post though, since most of it will be just add-ons to whats already there. With the exception of the Emberwood side of the map. The eastern most world is still being fleshed out, and most of those maps and regions haven’t even been started. I plan to chip away at that side more over the coming months, and depending on how late to early next year goes, Emberwood MAY take on more of a focus. We’ll see though.