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Magic is a natural, invisible force that flows through the entire world of Xonthian. When the world was built, the gods created everything, using a force so powerful, that its remnants remain behind. That essence is the magic the world of Xonthian uses. Everything is touched with magic in some way.  
Magic can only be seen by the trained or attuned. People can be born with a natural attunement, those that are not trained however lose the ability to sense the magic flowing around them. Those that are trained, can wield it to different degrees of success, depending on their abilities, training, and magical sense, or level of attunement.  
The trained are taught that magic is broken into Elemental type, and are often taken to specific schools, to learn a single type of magic. For example, the Fire Isle Mages prefer Fire and Earth Elements and spells formed in the destructive schools of learning. The Gatehar Clerics, on the other hand, learn to use Water and Earth Elements from the restoration schools.


Magic energy is neither good nor evil in its pure form. Aether, the makeup of all magic and the bases of its use, can either be tainted to evil, twisting it to cause harm to its caster, or those it is cast against. In the case of Sin Orbs, the purity of magic has become corrupted, and thus they attack anything in sight. Another example is Catt’s ability to influence the magic Aether of a creature, causing it to explode. She is neither good nor evil, so her ability to manipulate the magic any way she wants, could be seen as both good and evil. Scholars have attempted to answer the very philosophical conundrum of Aether and the balance of good and evil in magic to varying degrees of success. But all agree that magic is neither good and evil, but can be tainted to be good or evil.


Magic is all around the world. However, there are only a few known areas where magic is either tainted, like in the Sands of Time, or in dead zones, such as the Ocean of Mist.  
Magic comes with a cost in the form of draining the user’s mental capacity, tiring them out the longer the spell is used, or the greater the spell. Some spells require multiple casters, and in rare cases, even a sacrifice.  
Magic can be embedded in objects, however, the natural properties of the item dictate how much magical energy it can hold. Things like material, elemental makeup, size, and purity can affect the type and size of magic that can be imbued. This type of magic generally doesn’t cost anything to use, however, the enchanted item can become corrupted, or act in unnatural ways.

Speak with the Dead

The “Speak with the Dead” spell, harnessed by the Fire Isle Mages and the revered Clerics of Gatehar, serves as a powerful conduit between the living and the departed. By invoking this ancient magic, practitioners establish a profound communion with spirits, transcending spatial and temporal barriers. This mystical connection allows communication with the deceased, regardless of the physical or temporal distance that separates them.

The spell’s potency lies in its ability to unravel the secrets held by the departed, drawing forth knowledge and insights from realms beyond the living. Whether the spirit resides miles away or is entwined in the fabric of time, the caster taps into the ethereal plane, unlocking a channel for dialogue. As an instrument of revelation, “Speak with the Dead” unveils a tapestry of wisdom, enabling the caster to glean invaluable information and uncover long-buried truths from the silent echoes of the afterlife.

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Raise the Dead

“Raise the Dead” is a fundamental necromancy spell intrinsic to the repertoire of Fire Isle Mages. This incantation possesses the profound ability to beckon forth departed souls from the clutches of death within a three-mile radius. The caster’s proficiency in the arcane arts dictates the extent of this power, enabling the resurrection of a variable number of creatures. By invoking the ethereal forces that bridge the realms of life and death, the spell grants the mage dominion over mortality itself. As the Fire Isle Mage channels energy, the boundary between existence and afterlife blurs, compelling the deceased to return to the realm of the living. The spell not only showcases the mage’s prowess in necromancy but also exemplifies the delicate balance and responsibility wielded by those who harness the power to defy the natural order.

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Natures Feast

“Nature’s Feast” is a venerable spell that taps into the primal forces of nature, allowing the caster to summon a lavish spread of wholesome foods ranging from succulent fruits to hearty vegetables and nourishing grains. Originating as the mainstay for the Greater Beings during their creation, it symbolizes the harmonious relationship between magic and the natural world. In contemporary times, the elves, particularly the Dark Elves, have become adept practitioners of this enchantment. The spell reflects their deep connection with the mystical essence of nature, showcasing their ability to channel the life-giving energies of the earth. As masters of the spell, elves can provide sustenance in abundance, making “Nature’s Feast” a pivotal element of elven culture, underscoring their commitment to balance, sustainability, and the preservation of the ancient ties between magic and the bounties of the natural realm.

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Find Friend

As the caster channels their intent, the earth responds to the shared essence, creating a subtle but powerful trail that guides the spell seeker. This magical tracking relies on the interconnectedness of living beings and the Earth itself, offering a unique and harmonious approach to locating a friend. The Find Friend spell not only showcases the interconnected nature of magic and the environment but also reinforces the importance of elemental bonds in the mystical realm.

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In the realm of magic, summoning is a utilitarian school that transcends its ominous reputation. Beyond the stereotypical conjuration of malevolent entities, summoning comprises an array of spells with practical and even life-saving applications. One such spell is the “Aegis Guardian,” a manifestation of a protective spectral entity. When cast, this spell summons a benevolent guardian that shields the caster and allies from harm during perilous situations. Another notable example is the “Celestial Courier,” a summoning spell that calls forth an ethereal being to swiftly deliver messages or items across vast distances. Despite its potential for benevolence, summoning remains shrouded in an undeserved veil of darkness, as the allure of commanding otherworldly forces often overshadows the genuine utility embedded within its spells. In truth, summoning stands as a rare and invaluable school of magic, offering practitioners a versatile repertoire that extends far beyond the shadows it casts.

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Resurrect the Dead

The Resurrect the Dead spell is an extraordinary but perilous spell wielded exclusively by the elite Clerics of Gatehar whore are renowned for their mastery over life-affirming magic. Serving as a counterpart to the Raise the Dead spell, Resurrect the Dead possesses a unique requirement: the deceased must have recently passed and must willingly desire a return to life. The spell, a pinnacle of divine intervention, seamlessly restores the resurrected to their former selves, erasing the effects of death entirely. However, the grave risk lies in its execution. Accessible only to the highest echelons of Clerics who have attained the prerequisite Healing Empowerment, casting Resurrect the Dead demands an immense expenditure of energy, often resulting in the caster’s sacrificial demise. Universally condemned due to its life-threatening nature, only rare instances of this spell’s actual use exist, solidifying its place as a forbidden and elusive art within the mystical tapestry of Gatehar’s clerical tradition.

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Healing Touch

Healing Touch, a revered spell predominantly wielded by the Paladins of Gatehar, empowers its caster with the extraordinary capability to mend wounds with a mere touch. While originally designed as a battlefield triage spell, Tiger, a formidable practitioner, has elevated its efficacy beyond conventional limits. This magical artistry enables the healing of surface wounds, yet its potency escalates in tandem with the expended energy, exacting a toll on both caster and recipient. Tiger’s mastery surpasses the standard Paladin proficiency, enabling him to transcend the limitations of the spell. His unparalleled skill allows him to mend virtually any wound, showcasing a remarkable fusion of innate talent and learned expertise that sets him apart as a true virtuoso of the Healing Touch within the mystical realm of Gatehar.

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Healing Empowerment

The Healing Empowerment spell, an exclusive ability granted solely to the esteemed Clerics of Gatehar, stands as a profound testament to their divine connection with the Goddess of Life. Reserved for high-ranking clergy, this rare and potent spell extends beyond conventional healing arts, mending not only wounds but also mending broken legs and even restoring missing appendages. The preparation for this miraculous incantation demands meticulous attention, coupled with unwavering mental fortitude, emphasizing the sacred bond between the cleric and the benevolent deity. As an indispensable prerequisite for resurrection spells, Healing Empowerment embodies the pinnacle of restorative magic within the sacred traditions of Gatehar, symbolizing the profound responsibility bestowed upon those entrusted with the preservation of life and the divine connection with the Goddess.

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Restoration, the revered magical discipline practiced exclusively by the esteemed Clerics of Gatehar, stands as a formidable testament to the benevolent prowess of their mystical arts. This potent school of magic serves as the sanctified wellspring from which healing energies flow, mending wounds, banishing blights, and purging toxins with divine precision. Through meticulous preparation and profound mastery, Restoration extends its benevolent reach to the very precipice of life and death. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, this extraordinary spell transcends the boundaries of mortality, facilitating the miraculous revival of fallen souls. Guided by unwavering faith and honed expertise, Clerics harness the essence of Restoration to weave a tapestry of rejuvenation, offering hope, resilience, and, when deemed necessary, the awe-inspiring resurrection of those who have succumbed to the grasp of the eternal slumber.

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Realistic Mirage

Realistic Mirage is a captivating spell that empowers spell casters to materialize intricate illusions of objects they have witnessed. The sorcerer taps into their vivid memories, channeling the essence of the observed item to craft a lifelike replica. The mirage’s fidelity is uncanny, capturing even the smallest details with astonishing accuracy. Depending on the caster’s proficiency, the illusion may transcend mere visual mimicry, manifesting as a tangible semblance that momentarily fools the senses.

This spell finds applications in various realms, from deceptive tactics on the battlefield to creating temporary duplicates for intricate rituals or theatrical performances. Its allure lies in the artful blend of memory, imagination, and magic, allowing practitioners to weave fleeting wonders into the fabric of reality.

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