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The world of Xonthian is thick with diversity and rich in history. From Xonthian City, where humans live their lives in a large city while the outskirts have some of the land’s richest crops and farms. Or the island of Juan’kij, where the elves have secluded themselves in the forests of Timilik. The Dwarves living peacefully under the Shadow Mountains, and the Atticatten, who have hidden away on the easternmost peninsula of Xecutran. Where Orcs, Ogres and darker races who live in long-forgotten jungles and swamps, or in the shadows of lost civilizations. To the undiscovered lands of the east, where magic, sword, and gunslingers travel desert vistas.

White Moonshea

Born of the cosmic energies that weave through the fabric of the magical realms, White Moonshea is a majestic and enigmatic Æther dragon. Her existence is deeply intertwined with the elven lore, and she is often revered as the messenger of Gatehar, the elven deity of magic and cosmic harmony.

White Moonshea is a sight to behold, adorned in scales that shimmer like the pristine light of a full moon. Her scales are predominantly white or silver, with bewitching black highlights reminiscent of a celestial night sky. These dark accents seem to sparkle like distant stars in a far-off galaxy, creating an otherworldly and ethereal aura around her majestic form.

Moonshea’s power extends to the very core of magic itself. As an Æther dragon, she possesses unparalleled control over magical forces, allowing her to manipulate and shape arcane energies at will. Her most distinctive ability lies in her capacity to influence the magical abilities of individuals. Moonshea can amplify or diminish the magical prowess of mortals, making her a revered and feared figure in the magical realms.

Known for her even-tempered demeanor, White Moonshea possesses a wisdom that transcends the ages. While she may not actively seek to involve herself in the affairs of mortals, she stands apart from her dragon kin by being more inclined to interfere when the balance of magic is threatened. Her interactions with elves are particularly noteworthy, as she aligns herself closely with their culture and ideals.

Within elven mythology, Moonshea is regarded as a divine messenger of Gatehar, embodying the essence of cosmic magic. She is often invoked in elven rituals and ceremonies, symbolizing the intricate connection between the elves and the magical forces that govern their existence. Some elven scholars believe that White Moonshea acts as a guardian of the delicate balance between the mortal and magical realms.

While not actively seeking to aid mortals, White Moonshea is the one dragon more likely to intervene when the delicate equilibrium of magic is endangered. Tales are told of her sudden appearances in times of dire need, her presence bringing both awe and trepidation. Mortals who are granted her favor may experience a temporary surge in their magical abilities, while those who incur her wrath may find their powers waning.

Red Aysh

Aysh is a formidable dragon with a fiery temperament, characterized by his red scales that seem to radiate heat. A creature of intense passion and impulsive judgments, Aysh is quick to unleash his fiery wrath upon anything that crosses his path. His ability to control fire and heat in all things, including the very warmth emanating from living beings, makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Aysh’s imposing figure is adorned with shimmering red scales that seem to glow with an inner flame. His eyes, a fierce shade of orange, reflect the intensity of his personality. With a wingspan that stretches majestically, Aysh is a sight to behold as he soars through the skies, leaving a trail of warmth in his wake.

Aysh’s mastery over fire and heat is unparalleled. He can manipulate flames with precision, turning them into powerful weapons or using them for various practical purposes. Aysh’s control extends to the very essence of heat, allowing him to absorb warmth from his surroundings or intensify it to scorching levels. This ability makes him a formidable adversary in both aerial and ground combat.

Known for his quick judgments and impulsive nature, Aysh is the embodiment of passion and intensity. Despite his fiery exterior, Aysh possesses a certain wisdom that surfaces in moments of clarity. He forms an interesting contrast with his companion, Tempest, and their interactions often resemble the spirited banter of siblings. Though Aysh might seem hot-headed at first, beneath the flames lies a dragon capable of engaging in civil conversations, particularly when teamed up with Tempest.

Aysh finds a natural ally in Tempest, a creature of storms and winds. Together, they create a formidable duo, balancing the forces of fire and air. The collaboration between Aysh and Tempest results in a harmonious blend of their respective elements, making them a force to be reckoned with. Despite their contrasting natures, Aysh and Tempest complement each other, showcasing the intricate dynamics of the elemental forces they embody.

Aysh’s fiery demeanor often leads to initial misunderstandings, as he is quick to judge and assert his dominance. However, those who manage to look beyond the flames discover a dragon capable of loyalty and genuine connections. Aysh’s interactions with other beings might sound like heated arguments, but beneath the surface, there’s a creature that values relationships and stands by those he deems worthy.

Blue Tempest

Blue Tempest, the eldest among the dragons, stands as a majestic and benevolent guardian, known for his wisdom, caring nature, and unwavering protection of his kin. His name, “Tempest,” aptly captures the essence of his elemental mastery over water. A creature of breathtaking beauty, Blue Tempest is characterized by his vibrant blue scales and mesmerizing, piercing green-blue eyes that keenly observe and assess the world around him.

Blue Tempest’s scales shimmer in various shades of blue, reminiscent of the deepest ocean depths. His imposing presence is softened by a beard of light green lichen that adorns his chin, a unique feature attributed to his constant exposure to water. His eyes, a striking combination of green and blue, exude both intelligence and a deep sense of judgment. With a regal stature, Blue Tempest commands respect as the epitome of ancient dragonhood.

Blue Tempest’s control over water is unparalleled, extending to every conceivable aspect. Whether it’s manipulating water within a person’s body, creating a protective barrier on the skin, or transforming it into ethereal forms like fog or solid ice, his abilities are a testament to his mastery over the elemental forces. This control not only showcases his strength but also underscores his commitment to maintaining balance and harmony within his domain.

Wisdom is the cornerstone of Blue Tempest’s character. His ancient age has endowed him with a profound understanding of the world, making him a source of guidance for his siblings and those fortunate enough to seek his counsel. Despite his immense power, Blue Tempest is characterized by a gentle and caring demeanor, always ready to shield his kin from harm. He values the delicate equilibrium of nature and seeks to preserve it at all costs.

Blue Tempest’s primary role is that of a protector. His siblings find solace in his presence, knowing that under his watchful eyes, they are shielded from external threats. His commitment to safeguarding the delicate balance of nature extends beyond his kin, as he often intervenes to prevent harm befalling other creatures within his domain. Blue Tempest’s sense of responsibility is unwavering, making him a revered figure among dragons and other beings.


The Werewolf, a mythical creature deeply entrenched in folklore, represents a cursed humanoid. Diverging from vampires, Werewolves are solitary beings driven to avoid perpetuating their curse. Transmitted through a bite, the curse transforms them into formidable, bi-pedal wolf-like entities with massive claws and fangs capable of tearing flesh from bone.

Intriguingly, Werewolves exhibit a unique connection with wolves, including Dire Wolves, often attracting them as companions. Despite their predatory nature, these creatures primarily hunt wild game, though instances of humanoid hunting have been recorded. The transformative process occurs during a full moon, irrespective of its visibility to the afflicted, compelling the Werewolf to assume its formidable wolf form. Symbolizing the duality of humanity and the untamed, the Werewolf myth encapsulates the struggle between the human and primal instincts within the cursed individual.

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Vampires, distinct from conventional undead entities like Liches, are cursed beings reliant on blood for sustenance. Their creation involves a curse rather than a necromantic process, and they perpetuate their existence by preying on the living. Incapable of generating their own blood, they relentlessly pursue victims to satiate their insatiable hunger. Notoriously ruthless hunters, vampires exhibit a pronounced aversion to sunlight, which inflicts excruciating pain and eventual demise upon them. As they age, vampires amass formidable powers, making elder individuals particularly formidable. Despite their rarity, the folklore surrounding vampires often misconstrues their nature. Contrary to popular myths, mere contact with a vampire does not lead to transformation; instead, the prospective victim must willingly desire to undergo a blood transfer to become one. Additionally, the act of directly consuming blood from a source is described as an intensely euphoric experience for the vampire, enhancing their allure and mystique.

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Undead, a diverse classification of creatures or humanoids, once thrived as living beings but have succumbed to death, leaving behind mere husks of their former selves. Typically brought into existence through the dark arts of necromancy, these creatures often necessitate the sinister influence of a Lich to exert control over their animated forms. While rare locations infused with potent magical energy may spawn independent undead entities, most require the guidance of a Lich or are bound by a singular purpose.

Examples of undead include skeletal warriors, mindless zombies, ethereal wraiths, and insatiable ghouls. The majority of undead lack cognitive abilities, acting solely on instinct or predetermined directives. Wraiths stand as an exception, possessing a level of intelligence that sets them apart. The undead realm teems with eerie entities, each with its own origin, characteristics, and vulnerabilities, adding an element of mystery and peril to the worlds they inhabit.

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The Unknown

The Unknown, fearsome beings born of a mysterious union between demons and dragons, are shrouded in an enigmatic veil woven by the gods themselves. Towering and sinewy, their formidable frames are a fusion of draconic might and feline grace. Bone armor, hard as steel yet flexible, encases their heads and extends down to their spiky tails. The verdant scales covering their muscular bodies rival the toughness of their bone hide. Sunken eyes peer from behind horns that rise like jagged crowns, while saber-like tusks frame their flat faces.

Their dread-inducing prowess lies in their mastery of all magic the world beholds, effortlessly harnessed at will. The Unknown’s most ominous trait is their ability to shapeshift, assuming the guise of any living creature encountered. This mimicry grants them access to the copied entity’s skills, speech, and behaviors, rendering them the most formidable hunters in existence. Governed by the Queen of the Unknown, or the Queen of Blood, these creatures pursue a collective purpose—hunting and slaying all races, even their dragon kin. In the world’s darkest corners, the mere whisper of their presence sends shivers through the bravest hearts, as the Unknown reign as the ultimate nightmare, veiled in both myth and malevolence.

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Trolls, a formidable amalgamation of orc and ogre lineage, exhibit a grotesque yet agile nature. Possessing long limbs, their scaly, hide-covered bodies are adorned with patches around joints, highlighting their clan-driven existence. Despite their unsightly appearance, Trolls boast heightened intelligence, fostering a disdain for unwarranted commands. When compelled, however, they execute orders with unwavering loyalty, committing to the task until their last drop of blood.

Inhabiting Ogre Island and Shadow Island, these sly creatures excel as archers and hunters, relying on their agile forms and keen intellect. Notably, a mysterious sect known as Ice Trolls dwells on the desolate south arctic ice sheet, shrouded in enigma. Cloaked in light green, sickly green, or green-brown hides, Trolls feature narrow, black eyes and coarse hair often caked in colored mud. Despite their fearsome exterior, the frozen Ice Trolls remain a tantalizing mystery, inviting curious researchers to unveil the secrets concealed within their icy domain.

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Thunder Lizard

Thunder Lizards, slightly diminutive compared to the average human, roam the Bone Plains with ruthless territoriality. Their thick, scaly hide, predominantly grey or light grey, provides an impenetrable defense against adversaries. From head to tail, a menacing array of long spikes protrudes, making them formidable predators in their domain.

Despite lacking magical attributes, their designation as Thunder Lizards stems from their exclusive habitat on the Bone Plains, where they emerge with the rain, living up to their name during stormy weather. Typically nocturnal hunters, these creatures display a unique affinity for rainfall, abandoning their usual nighttime activities to prowl the Bone Plains when it’s wet. Their behavior becomes a spectacle in itself, as the rain seems to awaken a primal instinct within them.

Encountering a Thunder Lizard demands caution, for their territorial nature and sharp spikes make them both a fascinating and perilous presence in the enigmatic realm of the Bone Plains.

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Sin Orbs

Sin Orbs, ethereal entities of pure magic, linger in Timilik Forest, remnants of an era long forgotten. Sporting a vibrant palette of bright blue-green hues, these orbs are the tangible embodiment of mystical energy. Though scholars have struggled to decipher their elusive nature, one undeniable fact remains: they reproduce by absorbing magic, a process that can spiral into uncontrollable proliferation.

In the heart of Timilik, Sin Orbs form “Cores,” clusters of these magical entities that thrive in secluded realms. Beware, for approaching them risks entanglement with their unrestrained magic. Despite the danger they pose, conventional spells prove futile against Sin Orbs; only enchanted weapons can harm them. Their existence, an enigma wrapped in luminescent allure, continues to captivate the imaginations of those who dare to study the elusive creatures, while the Timilik Forest stands as a testament to the enduring mysteries of a shattered world’s magical legacy.

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