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Myths and Legends of Xonthian, captivate the imaginations of its inhabitants. Among the most prominent tales are those of majestic dragons, ethereal ghosts, forgotten ruins, and historical battlegrounds that echo with the whispers of bygone eras.

Dragons, revered as both fearsome and majestic beings, are central figures in Xonthian mythology. These colossal creatures are said to possess the ability to shape-shift, assuming various forms to interact with the mortal world. Legends speak of ancient alliances between dragons and noble heroes, forming bonds that transcended time. Yet, cautionary tales abound, warning of the perilous consequences of arousing a dragon’s wrath. The skies of Xonthian are said to be adorned with the iridescent wings of these magnificent beings, and their roars are rumored to shake the very foundations of the earth.

The spectral realm of Xonthian is haunted by the lingering presence of ghosts, each with its own poignant tale. Some spirits are believed to be benevolent protectors, guiding lost travelers through treacherous landscapes. Others, tormented by unfinished business or tragic fates, are said to wander ancient ruins and forgotten corners of the realm. Ghostly apparitions are often associated with tales of love, betrayal, and unresolved conflicts, adding a layer of mystery to the quiet corners of Xonthian where the boundary between the living and the dead blurs.

Xonthian is dotted with forgotten ruins, remnants of once-majestic civilizations now lost to the annals of time. These ancient structures are shrouded in mystery, and their origins are often attributed to mythical beings or long-extinct races. Whispers of hidden treasures and arcane knowledge buried within these ruins lure brave adventurers, but tales also caution against awakening dormant forces that may lie within. The ruins serve as silent witnesses to the ebb and flow of history, preserving the memories of civilizations that have long since faded into obscurity.

Scattered across Xonthian are historical battlegrounds, where epic conflicts between powerful factions unfolded. These battlegrounds are imbued with the echoes of the clashes that shaped the course of the realm’s history. Tales of legendary warriors and strategists who once walked these fields are passed down through generations, inspiring both awe and reverence. Each battleground tells a story of conquest, rebellion, or alliance, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape and the collective consciousness of Xonthian’s inhabitants.

White Moonshea

Born of the cosmic energies that weave through the fabric of the magical realms, White Moonshea is a majestic and enigmatic Æther dragon. Her existence is deeply intertwined with the elven lore, and she is often revered as the messenger of Gatehar, the elven deity of magic and cosmic harmony.

White Moonshea is a sight to behold, adorned in scales that shimmer like the pristine light of a full moon. Her scales are predominantly white or silver, with bewitching black highlights reminiscent of a celestial night sky. These dark accents seem to sparkle like distant stars in a far-off galaxy, creating an otherworldly and ethereal aura around her majestic form.

Moonshea’s power extends to the very core of magic itself. As an Æther dragon, she possesses unparalleled control over magical forces, allowing her to manipulate and shape arcane energies at will. Her most distinctive ability lies in her capacity to influence the magical abilities of individuals. Moonshea can amplify or diminish the magical prowess of mortals, making her a revered and feared figure in the magical realms.

Known for her even-tempered demeanor, White Moonshea possesses a wisdom that transcends the ages. While she may not actively seek to involve herself in the affairs of mortals, she stands apart from her dragon kin by being more inclined to interfere when the balance of magic is threatened. Her interactions with elves are particularly noteworthy, as she aligns herself closely with their culture and ideals.

Within elven mythology, Moonshea is regarded as a divine messenger of Gatehar, embodying the essence of cosmic magic. She is often invoked in elven rituals and ceremonies, symbolizing the intricate connection between the elves and the magical forces that govern their existence. Some elven scholars believe that White Moonshea acts as a guardian of the delicate balance between the mortal and magical realms.

While not actively seeking to aid mortals, White Moonshea is the one dragon more likely to intervene when the delicate equilibrium of magic is endangered. Tales are told of her sudden appearances in times of dire need, her presence bringing both awe and trepidation. Mortals who are granted her favor may experience a temporary surge in their magical abilities, while those who incur her wrath may find their powers waning.

Red Aysh

Aysh is a formidable dragon with a fiery temperament, characterized by his red scales that seem to radiate heat. A creature of intense passion and impulsive judgments, Aysh is quick to unleash his fiery wrath upon anything that crosses his path. His ability to control fire and heat in all things, including the very warmth emanating from living beings, makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Aysh’s imposing figure is adorned with shimmering red scales that seem to glow with an inner flame. His eyes, a fierce shade of orange, reflect the intensity of his personality. With a wingspan that stretches majestically, Aysh is a sight to behold as he soars through the skies, leaving a trail of warmth in his wake.

Aysh’s mastery over fire and heat is unparalleled. He can manipulate flames with precision, turning them into powerful weapons or using them for various practical purposes. Aysh’s control extends to the very essence of heat, allowing him to absorb warmth from his surroundings or intensify it to scorching levels. This ability makes him a formidable adversary in both aerial and ground combat.

Known for his quick judgments and impulsive nature, Aysh is the embodiment of passion and intensity. Despite his fiery exterior, Aysh possesses a certain wisdom that surfaces in moments of clarity. He forms an interesting contrast with his companion, Tempest, and their interactions often resemble the spirited banter of siblings. Though Aysh might seem hot-headed at first, beneath the flames lies a dragon capable of engaging in civil conversations, particularly when teamed up with Tempest.

Aysh finds a natural ally in Tempest, a creature of storms and winds. Together, they create a formidable duo, balancing the forces of fire and air. The collaboration between Aysh and Tempest results in a harmonious blend of their respective elements, making them a force to be reckoned with. Despite their contrasting natures, Aysh and Tempest complement each other, showcasing the intricate dynamics of the elemental forces they embody.

Aysh’s fiery demeanor often leads to initial misunderstandings, as he is quick to judge and assert his dominance. However, those who manage to look beyond the flames discover a dragon capable of loyalty and genuine connections. Aysh’s interactions with other beings might sound like heated arguments, but beneath the surface, there’s a creature that values relationships and stands by those he deems worthy.

Blue Tempest

Blue Tempest, the eldest among the dragons, stands as a majestic and benevolent guardian, known for his wisdom, caring nature, and unwavering protection of his kin. His name, “Tempest,” aptly captures the essence of his elemental mastery over water. A creature of breathtaking beauty, Blue Tempest is characterized by his vibrant blue scales and mesmerizing, piercing green-blue eyes that keenly observe and assess the world around him.

Blue Tempest’s scales shimmer in various shades of blue, reminiscent of the deepest ocean depths. His imposing presence is softened by a beard of light green lichen that adorns his chin, a unique feature attributed to his constant exposure to water. His eyes, a striking combination of green and blue, exude both intelligence and a deep sense of judgment. With a regal stature, Blue Tempest commands respect as the epitome of ancient dragonhood.

Blue Tempest’s control over water is unparalleled, extending to every conceivable aspect. Whether it’s manipulating water within a person’s body, creating a protective barrier on the skin, or transforming it into ethereal forms like fog or solid ice, his abilities are a testament to his mastery over the elemental forces. This control not only showcases his strength but also underscores his commitment to maintaining balance and harmony within his domain.

Wisdom is the cornerstone of Blue Tempest’s character. His ancient age has endowed him with a profound understanding of the world, making him a source of guidance for his siblings and those fortunate enough to seek his counsel. Despite his immense power, Blue Tempest is characterized by a gentle and caring demeanor, always ready to shield his kin from harm. He values the delicate equilibrium of nature and seeks to preserve it at all costs.

Blue Tempest’s primary role is that of a protector. His siblings find solace in his presence, knowing that under his watchful eyes, they are shielded from external threats. His commitment to safeguarding the delicate balance of nature extends beyond his kin, as he often intervenes to prevent harm befalling other creatures within his domain. Blue Tempest’s sense of responsibility is unwavering, making him a revered figure among dragons and other beings.


The undead Dragon, ShadowMane haunts the Fire Isle’s. Before the world shattered, Alpha Omega had learned of ShadowMane’s treachery, helping the Queen of the Unknow create her vile creatures of the same name. Unhappy with the Black Dragon, Alpha Omega sent his other three dragons to deal with the traitor. As a result, a great battle erupted where the Sands of Time are now.  

No longer needing him, the Queen of the Unknown abandoned him to his sibling’s vicious attacks, where they eventually killed him. However, the magic that had scarred the land, also caused him to forever live as a shadow version of his former self. He hid away under the Fire Isles until being disturbed by the Fire Isle Mages when they began to explore the islands. They enslaved him and now use him as a guardian to their secrets.

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Sea Tooth is a very monstrous sea creature whose single purpose is to terrorize sailors. Seen as a monster of the deepest oceans, it’s actually only has a singular mind to eat the refuge of the ocean. Often seen during times of war and sea battles, the feature is a large finned beast with tentacles around its flat head. A large circular mouth sucks up anything floating or sinking through the water. Its body stretches easily two or three boat lengths and as many wide. There is enough room in his gut to stand, and while there has only been one survivor to ever enter the creature and return again, many would argue that is not a trip they are willing to take.

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There exists a feline, or so it is believed, to exists that appears randomly in the world in search of milk, from a pig. However, it’s said that even if the cat finds a pig to suckle on, it ends up eating the pig fat. It’s a silent, black feline with razor-sharp claws and pearly black eyes that peer right through you. It judges anyone it finds, and often times holds people in awe of his majesty, before blinking out of existence.  

There is a statue of the mystical MooCat chiseled from black marble, in the Temple of Time. How anyone has brought that knowledge back from the temple alive, is a history. Even further confusing, is the supposed inscription, “Moo! Mwah moof mrrr moowanna mmmm!” There is no understanding or words that can be cleaned from the plaque and its base.

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