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Xonthian is a diverse and fantastical world inhabited by a variety of unique and fascinating species. Among them are humans, elves, dwarves, Atticattin, and other distinctive races that contribute to the rich tapestry of this fictional realm.

As one of the most widespread and adaptable species in Xonthian, humans are known for their versatility and resourcefulness. They thrive in various environments and are often found in different roles, from skilled warriors to talented artisans and scholars. Humans form the backbone of many societies and play a crucial role in the politics and culture of Xonthian.

Elves are an elegant and long-lived race, known for their connection to nature and proficiency in magic. They possess pointed ears, graceful features, and a deep affinity for forests. Elves often excel in archery and possess a keen sense of aesthetics, contributing to their reputation as skilled artists and craftsmen. Their societies are often closely tied to the natural world, and they have a unique perspective on time and history.

Dwarves are stout and hardy beings with a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and mining. Known for their impressive beards and robust physique, dwarves excel in metallurgy and stonecraft. They often inhabit underground realms, where they build magnificent cities and forge powerful weapons and artifacts. Dwarves are also known for their strong sense of honor and loyalty.

The Atticattin are a mysterious and enigmatic race with feline characteristics. Possessing cat-like eyes, sharp claws, and agility, they are adept hunters and stealthy warriors. The Atticattin often live in close-knit communities, valuing independence and personal freedom. Their unique blend of feline traits and humanoid features makes them intriguing and distinct within the Xonthian world.

Xonthian is home to numerous other fantastical races, each with its own characteristics and lore.

Western Plainsman

Sturdy homesteaders make up most of the Xonthian Western Plainsman. Mostly farmers and tradesmen and women, their skin are thick as their heads. Mostly fair-skinned, or harsher, weather-beaten skinned humans, with eye colors that are stark blue or amber colors that reflect a deep understanding of the earth and the crops they sow.

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Eastern Plainsman

Eastern Plainsmen are much like their western brethren if somewhat softer in terms of attitude and perseverance. Made up of those who live from Fort Point east to Yenzu, Easternplainsmen make up the bulk of the Xonthian human settlements, including Xonthian City. They are also more culturally diverse and acceptance, than those of the west, mostly because they are exposed to the daily trade and travels of those who come and go from Xonthian City. They are made up of farmers, merchants, warriors, and settlers. Small villages dot the eastern plains of Xonthian, with a large trade network supplying them.

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Bone Plainsmen

Made up of thick-skinned warriors, Bone Plainsmen live in one of the harshest environments on Xecutran. They are farmers and hunters and don’t like most outsiders. They are narrow-eyed and superstitious. They tend to have thicker hair, that comes in bleached wood, or raven black. A few have golden hair, while their eye colors tend to be browns and ambers. They are excellent warriors and hunters, who are quick and lethal. They tend to not have very much armor in the way, and instead rely on their skills and thicker than normal skin, which has formed from centuries of living in the sun, in harsh conditions. Bone Plainsmen were only recently found during the age of Re-Discovery.

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Orlynnians is one of a handful of humans that have grown apart from many other of their northern kin. They have grown up among the trees and waters around the southern coast of Xonthian and Half Moon Bay.  

Wellbuilt, hard-working, men and women with wirey frames and narrowed eyes tend to the lands and waters around the coast. Most of the men and women sport blond, to brown hair, and every shade in-between.  

Their dress is somewhat lighter, considering the more humid air of the coast. Though not quite a swamp, the area is almost always damp from rains or dense air.  

The biggest difference between them and their northern kin is their deep accent. No one really knows where or how the accent started, considering the only language they have ever spoken is common. Words with “th” are often changed to “z” in their pronunciations. Although this is not always the case when “th” sound is in the middle of the word or is not the prominent sound in the word.

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Cetteren are prideful, and extremely resilient nationalists. They are a diverse group, much like the rest of the human races, with a deep understanding of their lands. Everyone that has settled in the lands of Xecutran, are considered Cetteren. Cetteren traits are mixed and are as diverse as the cultural heritage is around Xecutran, including Elven, Atticatten and Dwarven.

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Elves, Dwarves, Atticatten, and the Greater Beings began to squabble over space. Growing frustration quickly spread through the minds of the Greater Beings. Being the first children of their god Alpha Omega, they felt more entitled to the land and the hunting grounds around Xonthian. Tension mounted in the main capital. A faction of Greater Beings of about one hundred and twenty-five thousand broke from the main city to establish an outpost of sorts on the border of the was is now the Timilik forest. They called themselves the Brotherhood of Righteousness. They saw what they were as the absolute creation upon Xonthian and that the other races were abominations and should be removed from the world. Their strikes against the Elves began the Aggression War. The war itself was short-lived and the Elves, with the help of the Atticatten and Shadow Elves defeated the Brotherhood at their camp, in a swift strike that left the faction broken and scattered.  
The Brotherhood returned to the capital city, with only about seventy-five thousand members left after the war. The Greater Beings refused the Brotherhood access into the city. The Greater beings of the city were furious that they would attack the other races so openly and with such hatred. AlphaOmega cursed the Brotherhood to live as a new race themselves, as men. The Brotherhood was stripped of any remaining sign that they were once Greater Beings. Their innate magic ability all Greater Beings shared was stripped. Humans were doomed to live shorter lives, about fifty to seventy years of age. They would spend their lives trying to atone for their sins, or they would be doomed to repeat them.

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Ecology and Habitats


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Greater Beings

Alpha Omega created its first humanoid creature known as the Greater Beings. These creatures, being tall, masculine, agile, intelligent creatures quickly populated the south and west portion of Xonthian Island.  

Greater beings were tall, fair-skinned humanoid creatures. Their faces were sharp, muscular faces with long pointed ears pointed upwards on the sides of their heads. Their hair was long and black, or often dark crimson. This coloring is often referred to as the creator’s blessing, as it is told among the Greater Beings that Alpha Omega bled for his children when he created them from all the elements of the world. A small orb was embedded in their foreheads. This was so even with newborns, as was the fact they were born with each of these unique features. Long, cat-like tails protrude from the base of the spine, just before the tail bone begins to curl under. The females, generally matching the males in stature was somewhat more lean and fair of face. They were wanderers, all the way north and east. Greater beings generally lived for about a hundred to two hundred years of age.  

When the greater beings were created, Alpha Omega took each of the elements the world contained and molded them into the likeness of the Greater Beings mentioned above. Their hearts are embedded with fire and life. Their eyes are keen and mind intelligent as was their giving elemental god, water. Their bodies were made of earth, strong and unyielding. Their limbs were given the agility and grace of wind. The orb was to give them the ability to use the magic the world held. Once these elements were molded into form, Alpha Omega pricked his finger on a dagger he had forged from the core of the world, when it was still being made. A name was given to this dagger of Worlds Heart. His blood dripped from this wound onto the lifeless creatures giving them their life and essence of being.

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Shadow Elves

The dark elves or shadow elves were created much in the same way as their tree-dwelling siblings. The orb that created them broke against the hard, ash-covered crags of the eastern volcano mountain ranges. Shadow elves were much like their relatives, but darker ashen skinned and gray-eyed. Their hair color is usually black, or gray. However, unlike the elves of the wood, the shadow elves only lived to be about five hundred to one thousand years of age.  

Shadow elves studied the art of shadow magic, as well as fire magic. The Shadow Mages were also adept ad summoning. Though this technique was rarely used and only then was done so by the most elder of the mages as it often cost them their lives. This is also the most secret of magic in the world and to this day only the shadow elves know its secrets.  

Shadow elves are also very keen assassins. Their warriors are trained with swords, knives, and poison as well as how to manipulate shadows to keep themselves concealed. The only guild within the city is The Unseen. A secretive collection of assassins trained in their dark skills from childhood. This is not the only means of warriors they have, though it is their most feared. Dark Elves train their most gifted magic users in Fire Swords. These mages resemble fighters, more than magic users as they often wear breastplates with swords strapped to their back. Fire red robes often cover their armored bodies. They have the ability to cast fire-based spells in combat, as well as on themselves to help protect them in close-quarter battles.

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Forest Elves

Unlike their shadowy kin below the Shadow Mountains, the Forest Elves live a less secluded life. Although hidden away from most of the world in Timilik Forest, the elves there mainly interact with those on Juan’kij. Forest Elves are also more likely to live among other populace of Xonthian, and do have a few families that live in Cettera and Xonthian City, as well as with the Atticatten in Yente. Forest elves come in all shapes and sizes, with their primary trade being their earthen-colored hair and deep forest color eyes. Like their Atticatten cousins, they have almond-shaped eyes.

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Fed up with the recent advancements in magic, that threatened the very essence of the world, Alpha Omega bid the Greater Beings to rip the orb that was embedded in their foreheads and bring them to his temple. A great pile of these small orbs began to appear. Any newborn was immediately deprived of this heritage, fearing the wrath of their god.  
To the north and east where Yente is now being built, the inhabitants saw streaks of silver shot across the sky like stars crashing to the world beyond to the east. To the north, in the great woods of Timlimak Forest, where the oldest and greatest of tree can be found a new life began. This one was created from pure magic. The race of elves sprang from the broken shards of orbs that broke against the bark of the woods. Legends have said that the orbs crashed into the trees and broke, spilling the magic that held them onto the trees and grass, causing the Elves to be born from nature and the great magic that is held in the forests to this day.  
Those orbs that did not break against the trees began a life of their own. These orbs, chaotic and pure of magic began to grow to the size of a pumpkin or some as large as a man. These became Sin Orbs, pure evil magic, and death.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Live among the Forests of Timilik.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They feed mostly on fruit and vegetables. They do eat hunted game on occasion.

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