Carrie “Illusia” Enid

Physical Description


Body Features

Youth and inexperience has not filled her body out. She relies more on her abilities than her body and as such, doesn’t have the strength or practiced agility as some of her friends. She is by all accounts has an average body. She is the shortest of the friends as well, with Emerald being the closest in height.

Facial Features

Her soft face hides deep emotional scars. Her bright blue eyes reflect power not yet tapped. She has long, curly, black hair that runs down her back in ribbons.


Mental characteristics


Personal history

Princess Carrie “Illusia” Enid was born to the King and Queen of Xecutran, and is the youngest of three siblings. During her birth, her mother died, leaving her the last of the children born to King Moll Enid II. During her upbringing, she began to show an aptitude to control magic. These manifestations did not go unnoticed by her father, the king. He began to treat her with contempt and hatred. He wanted very little to do with her and would take care of making sure he was busy and not around to take care of her.  
Her older brother, Prince Kia’sinn Enid took to protect her from her father’s unrelenting anger. When she was old enough, Carrie left the protection of the castle, and ventured out on her own. Eventually, she fell in with an encamped Fire Isle Mages. While she was with them, she began to learn and focus her powers and magical skills. She learned new spells and magic, and even how to create illusions, where a type of magic that she excelled at. She excelled at the type of magic so well, that the illusions she conjured, where real to anyone that looked upon them. It was this ability that eventually lead to her name, Illusia.  
It was some time after, that Tiger and her friends found her, and while she didn’t need rescuing, she chose to go with them. She slowly crawled from her shell and befriended Emerald and Timla.

Mental Trauma

Carrie “Illusia”, has deep-seated anxiety towards failure. She’s always trying to do her best when it comes to her friends, which oftentimes appears like she’s seeking affection. Later in life, her mental scars manifested into post-traumatic stress disorder, which was a product of fighting at the Wall of Ages during the One Hundred Year War. She does eventually find peace when Huntra helps her find her mental demons.

Intellectual Characteristics

Illusia’s power comes from her ability to control illusions. Any illusion type spell she casts, is so powerful, that it’s practically real to anyone looking upon it. So much so, that if she created a box and you put something in that box, and the spell was dispelled, both the box and the item would be lost forever. Of course, she doesn’t discover this for some time during her life.  
This ability coincides with her ability to conjure two maces, one of fire the other of ice. They are equally sized maces that she can duel wield, a skill Huntra taught her when they met. The maces themselves have no weight for her, so they are effortless to wield, since they are, to her, technically illusions. But to anyone hit with them, or seeing them, they are real. The fire will burn, and the ice will freeze any skin they come in contact with.  
Other magical abilities are there, and she can learn basic level spells. Emerald eventually even teaches her how to enchant objects or how to cast offensive spells. Aside from Emerald, Illusia is one of the most powerful casters the world has seen, and could surpass Emerald, if she gave in to her magical abilities. Something she tries to suppress on a daily basis.