The Anarchs

The Anarchs are a loosely affiliated network of thieves who are, for the most part, out to make money. However, there are times and leaders who have come and gone through its history, that has supported more philanthropic endeavors.

The Anarchs being a criminal syndicate in the eyes of the law, and the kingdoms around Xonthian, have driven the secretive organizations underground, to thrive in the shadows of the discouraged and discarded populace. Some of the Anarchs are seen as heroes for the every man, although that is not always the Anarch’s main goal. A few of the branches of the Anarchs are more militaristic in their approach to thievery and will do almost anything for coin.  

Their network spreads to all of the major cities and continents, where they are not seen or heard unless they want you to find them. Because of their operations, they tend to gather the information that to the right person, may be purchased. However finding them and learning what they have to offer, may not always work out. They are often seen as a myth to those in power, as none of them have ever been caught. Or, if any of them have been caught, they did not divulge the Anarch’s secrets, and those were executed without knowing who they actually worked for.