Tiger Darqlaw

Physical Description

Body Features

He is well built with sturdy arms and legs and agile. His body has grown into itself from a young age, leaving him well proportioned and handsome. He has several scars under his armor, the largest a scar across his chest he received during his first experience with the 100-year war. His half-elven frame towers over most elven kind, usually a head taller then even the tallest elf.


Facial Features

Tiger’s face is strong, yet soft with kindness. His emerald eyes sparkle with wisdom gained through the hardship of a life battling evil. His long black hair is usually down and covers his shoulders like a mane. His half-elven ears, though not as long as a typical elf, protrudes slightly through his hair.


Mental characteristics


Personal history

Cord, a merchant at the time, found Tiger nestled between roots of a tree on one of Cords travels between cities. He picked the baby up and settled him in his cart. He tried to pick up the sword, The TigerClaw, however, when he tried to grab it, he was thrown back. Not sure what to make of it, he left the sword and figured anyone worthy of taking it, deserved such a powerful blade. Cord took the baby to a friend, a simple ex-soldier and military advisor named Hon’Shu Darqlaw. There, the two pondered the child’s fate, and why he was deserted in the middle of the forest. The man babysat at their feet and growled playfully with Hon’Shu’s dog. He seemed ferocious in his playful mood, attacking and swatted at the dog’s nose almost like a cat. Jokingly, Hon’Shu called him a little Tiger Cub. Thus, the name stuck.  
Tiger Darqlaw was raised by this father-like figure, he was a well-known expert in the arts of war and strategy. Hon-Shu taught Tiger to fight with his heart, and soul, to listen to his heart and mind. He taught him to fight mercifully, yet unforgiving like the name he was given. As a child, he was always getting into trouble. Either he started it, or he seemed to end up in the middle of. As he grew up, he became more of a moderator in brawls and disagreements. Not wanting to take any side that seemed like a good one at the time.  
Hon’Shu explained to the young Tiger that the sword that Cord found him and how when he was ready, he should return to the spot to see if it was still there. Sometime later, Tiger woke to Hon’Shu’s muted screams of terror. He ran into the den to find a vampire attacking Hon’Shu, blood pooling around Hon’Shu’s neck. Becoming enraged, Tiger took up his master’s old short sword and darted towards the Vampire.  
After Hon’shu’s death, Tiger took a vengeful path south to find the sword his father had told him about. He was angry, hurt, and lonely. He found the magical elf silver sword, The TigerClaw sitting barely visible in the brush next to the road. With the sword, Tiger vowed to use it to avenge his father and slay all Vampires. However, fate is a confusing and mirthful being.





When traveling with companions he knows from past adventures, he guards them with everything he has. Not caring of his own well being, it often times gets him hurt, or a couple of times even close to death. When traveling within new company, he is leery but respectful. He will protect these new companions, but not blindly and will never sacrifice himself for them until he has learned to trust them completely. This is sometimes harder then it may seem, since to him trust is something built over a lot of blood, sweat and time. He carries himself like a true warrior and sometimes this misleads people into mistaking him for something he isn’t, like a soldier or a Plainsmen. He regards other humans and elves equally, including some Shadow Elves. This puts him at odds with most people when they find he has a knack for getting Shadow Elves to listen to him, and tolerate their presence. Although this can be a gift, he doesn’t go out of his way to find them, nor does he align himself with their house to gain any sort of favors.  
Charisma is a big part of his personality, and uses it well when talking to others. For the most part, he is usually brooding over some failed goal, he can be seemingly cold at heart. However he’s polite when need be, and will carry himself with dignity when traveling through a king’s castle or elven fortress. He is highly regarded in Xonthian, from both hierarchies set within Xonthian.