Emerald Moonshea

Physical Description


Body Features

She has a slender, almost frail-looking, short elf body that is strong and sensuous under the wiry exterior. She walks with an air of majesty and grace, tempered only by the occasional clumsy step that may occur when she travels. She is a full head, or more, shorter than Tiger’s six foot frame.

Facial Features

Emerald smiles with kindness and is very sensible when it comes to dealing with problems. Her almond-shaped eyes sparkle green even in total darkness. She has long, brown hair that flows gently down to her mid-back. Her pointy elven ears stick out of her brown hair slightly.

Apparel & Accessories

A green, cloth choker with an emerald sewn into the center of the cloth adorns her slender, elven neck. Emerald wears a tight, leather jumper with pointed shoulder pads that extend a little past her shoulders. Patches of leather are cut out along the outside of both legs, in the diamond emerald patterns. She is known to wear a robe around this outfit, it flows gently when she walks, made from thin material that is nearly see through. The robe is forest green with light green accents on the sleeves, down the lapel and around her ankles. The robe has four buttons that start at her belly button working it’s way up. Silvery rune’s adorn her sleeves shimmering in it’s own light.


Mental characteristics


Personal history

Emerald Moonshea was born into a magic adept family. She was an only child and learned her magic skills from her father, the High Sorcerer at the time. Her powers grew with age and eventually manifested into the aura of protection she currently uses to protect those around her. Her father retired from the position when she was growing up, leaving his apprentice Kisho Dragonsong to take over his duties.   Her upbringing was typical for an elven girl. She spent most of her time deep in the forest refining her Nature magic. She became so good at controlling animals that she was eventually told to stop practicing nature magic, and concentrate on Enchanting magic. Learning the basic skills of Enchantments, allowed her powers to grow even further, leading her to discover a method of protecting others around her using the natural aura of nature.   Emerald was promoted to the Adept of the High Sorcerer, an honorary position within the kingdom, that made her the apprentice of the High Sorcerer, Kisho. Kisho instructed her on higher levels of magic, focusing her abilities even further, allowing her to craft spells never before seen. It was during this period that she met Tiger when he and Catt arrived.

Intellectual Characteristics

Her presence is often soothing to those around her. She often times has what others would call ‘bad luck’. She’s smart, however, and understands this perceived flaw, and will oftentimes hide it before others see it. She’s learned, and thoughtful. Her greatest strength is her extensive magical knowledge. She can feel the flow of magic in the world and has the ability to manipulate it on a small scale. She can also create spells given enough time. Anything she creates from an Enchantment or Nature school has the chance to become permanently bound to the object, or person, she casts it on. In this respect, she has to be careful when using her magic, as the control she has over it is so dominant.