Huntra of the Lann Clan

Physical Description


Body Features

Huntra is a giant among women. She is tall, dark tan-skinned warrior with thick, corded muscles that are fast and strong. Her greatest feature and most striking is the Clan tattoo running along her right arm. It symbolizes strength, accuracy, and speed along with protection. Although the People of the Plains don’t rely on magic and don’t generally use it, the tattoo’s do hold supernatural properties, giving Huntra more stamina and protection in battle.

Facial Features

Huntra’s strong, weathered features do little to hide the underlining beauty her face presents. Bright, sky blue eyes are set between a gently sloping nose, that reflect the fierceness of her people. Long, white, blond hair, like wheat, flows down her back, like a lions mane.


Mental characteristics


Personal history

Huntra of the Lan Clan was born in a dusty, worn-out hut in the middle of the Bone Plains. She has a brother and father and never knew her mother. Her mother, died when she was young, during a hunting accident. She was a typical child of the sand, learning to survive in the harsh desert climate. She took up the saber when she was 10, and excelled at its use through her adolescents. She grew up to become one of the Clans greatest warriors.   When she was older, she fought for her Clans when they became divided over how to rule. The Clans elder council became corrupted, and it wasn’t until Tiger and the rest of his friends arrived that this was resolved.   Her father was one of the elder council members and it was found that he was responsible for the war between the clans.