Fire Isle Mages

The political outcasts of magic users known to the world as the Fire Isle Mages, were exiled to the Fire Isle’s just prior to the Hundred Year War.  

Prior to their exile, magic users were free to work and live alongside anyone within the Kingdoms of man. Both Cettera and Xonthian City employed hundreds of mages. Some worked as enchanters to bolster the King’s growing fleet of navy and exploration vessels. Some worked tirelessly as archivists, building up the world’s knowledge of the weird and arcane. This lasted centuries before an evil force manipulated the world into believing the mages were evil incarnations and were lesser beings. The world began to treat them as lower citizens, leaving both kingdoms struggling to figure out how to keep the peace. At its peak, zealots of Gatehar pushed the delicate balance over and demanded the kingdoms ban the mages from public works. The Gatehar began to hunt down and imprison mages at an alarming rate. Helpless to appease both sides the Kingdoms finally outlawed the use of magic and began the great purge as it’s called in more modern times.  

The shadowy figure manipulated the kingdoms, Gatehar, and the mages into starting an all-out war. Causing the kingdoms to finally exile all mages to live or die on the Fire Isles, giving the mages their name.