Cattabree Sengue

Physical Description


Body Features

Her slender, shapely body is frozen in a young woman’s unsure posture. Her frail-looking appearance is anything but weak. Hidden under her pale skin, is power the world has never seen. Bree herself has not tapped into the full potential of her vampiric powers, and during her travels barely scratches the surface of them.

Facial Features

Her nose is slightly turned up between crimson red eyes that glow with an inner fire that reflects her power and cunning wit. Her face is frozen in youthful, beautiful countenance when she lets her guard down. Usually, however, it is hidden behind a scowl of hatred and vengeance. Long, blond, nearly white hair, flows with smooth waves down her back.

Apparel & Accessories

Her cloak is made from the hair made woven strands from the hairs of Dragons Mane’s, a long-dead, mummified dragon on Fire Isle. This undead black beast lurks the mountain ranges of Fire Isle. The cloak has the power to protect Bree from most natural light, if she finds the strain of the morning sun too much to bear, she can lose herself in the cloaks blackness, allowing the cloak to soak in the rays of light.


Mental characteristics


Personal history

Cattabree “Bree” Sengue was born to a poor family that valued life with each other. Her life was carefree, save for the chores she had around the farmhouse near North Kelsa.  
Her life was drastically changed when a traveler came by one night, calling for a night’s stay at the family’s stable, saying he was on his way to Fort Point, to join the army gathering there to fight the growing threat of the Fire Isle Mages.  
Honored to have a warrior stay at their home, Bree’s family agreed to give them man board and a meal for his bravery. Later that night, the man slew her parents and kidnapped her, taking her all the way to the Fire Isles. There she was enslaved as a consort to the Vampire Lord. After months of toying with her, the Vampire Lord turned her. Bree resisted the full force of the vampiric curse and was bestowed the one thing Vampire kind lack, her soul.   Powered by the youthful vengeance of her soul, Bree was turned into a vampire that could walk in the sun, and control the energy around herself and others. After surviving on the Fire Isles for months after, she came across an undead dragon. She killed it and took its fur as a prize, noticing that it did not reflect the sun and could be used as a cloak to protect her. She soon found a way off the island and stowed away aboard a ship bound for South Kelsa. From there she dedicated her life to finding and slaying any vampires she could find.   She eventual tracked one to Xonthian City and was too late in stopping it from killing Hon’shu. The boy, Tiger, grew angry and eventually left Xonthian City. Curious and guilty for not stopping the vampire that killed Tiger’s father, she followed him. After a week of travel Tiger stopped and found a mysterious sword. It was then that she decided to introduce herself.

Mental Trauma

Bree always seems to brood over something, and yet never lets the others know just what is bothering her. Her temper is quick, and powerful, yet sharp and to the point. When she’s in the sun, her skin shimmers slightly with sweat. She fears the sun and will avoid it whenever possible. She will become thirsty within moments of being in the sunlight and will seek the shadows if they are around. The pain caused by the sun is immense, yet she seems to be able to handle it well, despite the pain.

Morality & Philosophy

She has great affection for Tiger, and will protect him with her life, or body. The two flirt constantly, and tease each other whenever they are alone. Bree has never drawn Tiger’s blood in lust, this temptation is more cruel and painful then the sun’s powerful rays. She has never tasted his blood, nor will she, for fear of having the blood lust take her over.