Yatáki Sothmore

Physical Description


Body Features

Yatáki is slender, agile, and strong. She moves with a swagger born from years of knowing how to get what she wants. A long, sandy-colored tail protrudes from the base of her spine, and where her tail bone would start, that she uses for balance. Able to leap and move with uncanny accuracy among crowds, buildings, and inanimate objects, she can lose most pursuers quickly. The claws on her hands are very sharp and skillfully used when fighting against soft-skinned targets. They have however been known to pierce thicker-skinned creatures like trolls and orcs.

Facial Features

Yatáki has long brown hair that reaches to mid-back. She has green, cat-like eyes that sparkle with cunning and mischief. Her face is slender and feminine looking yet somewhat stern. She has two cat-like ears that adorn the top of her head, and twitch every so often as Yatáki becomes nervous or worried.

Apparel & Accessories

Yatáki wears a tight green bodysuit that complements her shapely, agile body. she wears finger-less gloves on her hands, for more or less looks. The boots she wears are special boots that give extra padding to help with high jumps and help with traction on slippery surfaces. During her travels, she gained access to two crossbow pistols, that are magically imbued to reload.


Mental characteristics


Personal history

Yatáki “Kitt” Sothmore was born before the hundred-year war broke out across Xonthian. Born into the Thieves House of the Elder Race in Yente, Yatáki was raised as a thief and a good one at that. Her parents were head of the Thieves House but her family was the entire village, while her brothers and sisters were the other members within the house.  
Her father, Ariki, became an Elder before she left Yente and was killed before she returned during the Tri-Islands ordeal.  
She grew older and her skills became masterful. The council became worried that they were witnessing the start of a very old prophecy. The Elder Council fearing Yatáki’s travels to other cities in Xecu’Tran, warned her of the prophecy and the meaning behind the often cryptic ancient tomes that were stored in the Elder Races Library.  
Thinking the council was afraid of the future, Yatáki ran off to Cettera to live and found a peaceful ally to call her home until she met a fellow thief named Faytal.  
Faytal was the leader of the Cettera Anarchs guild. The Anarchs took Yatáki in and they begin a five-year crime spree. Yatáki became so integrated into the Anarchs that she was given leadership of the Xonthian branch. During her journey, she nearly drowned in the Malestrom Sea during the voyage. She barely survived and eventually made it to Xonthian City.  
Two years later, Yatáki ran into Tiger as he chased her through the streets of the city, and eventually stumbled upon this Theives Guild hidden entrance.


Personality Characteristics



Yatáki is a carefree spirit that likes to get into trouble and can handle herself well in most situations. Yatáki has a positive outlook on life and will be the one to crack a joke in tight situations. She will travel with anyone and everyone. She sometimes travels in the company of thieves and will get along with them accordingly. She treats thieves with the highest respect since she helps head one of the largest thieves guilds in all Xonthian. Thieves under the Anarchs will always respect her and those she travels with.  
She loves tormenting Tiger and hassling him. The two share a bond close to that of Tiger and Cord, one of family or kin. Although they argue and often disagree, in the end, the two will do anything for one another.