Clerics of Gatehar

The Clerics of Gatehar are a religious organization lead by an ordained couple, usually by a collage of their peers, to rule. The organization has representation in all the kingdoms and has temples dedicated to the Goddess Gatehar in almost all of the cities. While local towns and some smaller villages also prey to local gods or goddesses, Gatehar is considered the largest and most successful of the religions. While most of the Clerics are humans, there are a few elves and Atticatten who have pledged their fielty to her.  

As clerics of Gatehar are solely dedicated to the Goddess of Life, their pursuits in magic are almost always divine in nature and lean towards making life better for their kin. They are seen as devotees of their kind and work towards cleansing past sins from their lives. Since Humans are seen as cursed by the demigod Alpha Omega, it is the Clerics of Gatehar that try to appease his anger, and so they dedicate their lives to clearing their sins from their lives.  

However, like everything in life, it is never that simple, when it comes to what mortals think the gods want. So even in their attempt to make things better, they are drenched in sin. Nothing embodies this duality like the Paladins of Gatehar.  

The Paladins of Gatehar are seen as warrior monks. Oftentimes outfitted as knights, with heavily constructed plate armor, massive swords, or hammers, Paladins are the enforcers of the Clerics. They are their own contained military. Though they hold honor in high regard, they are efficient warriors. They can also use magic and are the only ones capable of both destructive magics and healing magics. Paladins are seen as a magic police force, tasked with keeping order in a world of chaos.  

Paladins are few in number because they are hard to train and hard to find. Hopeful candidates go through a grueling amount of training and testing, and often times cracks in their character become evident. The sin that has been cursed on humans begins to manifest, and thus they are unable to complete their ascendancy to Paladinhood. In extremely rare cases, there have been Paladins that we were chosen by the Goddess herself. Her motives are her own, and those she chose a mystery to the rest of the Clerics.