Physical Description

Body Features

The dark elf, or Shadow Elf, is a compressed spring, ready to release at a moment’s notice. Efficient muscles ripple under his ashen skin, like a panther waiting to strike. He wears the traditional garb of being an assassin from the Shadow Islands and rarely takes it off when in the presence of others.

Facial Features

What people generally see when interacting with the Shadow Elf, is his striking, grey eyes peering from slits in his assassins mask. His face, though mostly hidden from view, is strong and teardrop-shaped.

Identifying Characteristics

What defines the Shadow Elf, is his dual katana’s. Two, blackened steel blades, which are slightly curved, give the elf his name. The swords are able to pierce the very shadows around him, allowing the blades to become invisible. DarkBlade himself can move within the shadows, and with his race’s inherent ability to ‘shift’ through them, he can appear from anywhere there is a shadow. Allowing him to sneak up on pray from behind, when their shadows trail behind them.


Mental characteristics


Personal history

Very little is known about the enigmatic “DarkBlade”. The shadow elf was under the employ of the Fire Isle Mages, and was sent to Xonthian City to kill the King. Tiger, however, stopped him, and after the two had a brief exchange, he was persuaded into working for Tiger and his friends, to combat the elf’s former employer.   Tiger learned during the exchange, that the elf was not truly evil, and was only there because he was paid to be. Tiger purchased the elf’s contract and set the elf free.   It’s not known to anyone currently, how DarkBlade came to be under the Mages employment, or what the elf’s real name even is. What is known, is he is extremely loyal towards Tiger and his friends, even if he some times doesn’t express it.