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Xonthian, a realm steeped in mysticism and adventure, hosts a diverse array of organizations that shape the tapestry of its society. From guilds to military colleges, kingdoms to magical organizations, these entities play pivotal roles in the intricate web of Xonthian life.

The Guilds of Xonthian are renowned for their specialized expertise and collaborative efforts. The Guild of Artificers pioneers advancements in magical artifacts, enchantments, and alchemical wonders. The Unsean, a shadowy consortium, excels in covert operations and clandestine endeavors. Meanwhile, the Mercantile Alliance governs trade routes and economic policies, ensuring prosperity across the realm.

Educational institutions in Xonthian cater to diverse talents and skills. The Arcane Academy hones the magical prowess of aspiring mages, while the Swordmaster’s Citadel trains elite warriors in the art of combat. Scholars flock to the Astral Institute, a bastion of knowledge and wisdom, while the Bardic Conservatory nurtures the musical and poetic talents of aspiring minstrels.

Xonthian’s military prowess is fortified by prestigious colleges. The Crimson Legion Academy molds disciplined soldiers, specializing in strategic warfare.

Xonthian is divided into distinct kingdoms, each with its unique culture and governance. The Kingdom of Xonthian and Cettera, both known for its grandeur and diplomacy, stands as a beacons of unity. The Clans of the Bone Plain, a rugged expanse, thrive on resilience and self-sufficiency. The Elves of Timilik, surrounded by magical, house mystical beings and serve as a haven for research and experimentation.

The magical heartbeat of Xonthian pulsates through various organizations. Such organizations are run by the Fire Isle Mages and the Clerics of Gatehar. Both oversee various aspects of the arcane.

Fire Isle Mages

The political outcasts of magic users known to the world as the Fire Isle Mages, were exiled to the Fire Isle’s just prior to the Hundred Year War.  

Prior to their exile, magic users were free to work and live alongside anyone within the Kingdoms of man. Both Cettera and Xonthian City employed hundreds of mages. Some worked as enchanters to bolster the King’s growing fleet of navy and exploration vessels. Some worked tirelessly as archivists, building up the world’s knowledge of the weird and arcane. This lasted centuries before an evil force manipulated the world into believing the mages were evil incarnations and were lesser beings. The world began to treat them as lower citizens, leaving both kingdoms struggling to figure out how to keep the peace. At its peak, zealots of Gatehar pushed the delicate balance over and demanded the kingdoms ban the mages from public works. The Gatehar began to hunt down and imprison mages at an alarming rate. Helpless to appease both sides the Kingdoms finally outlawed the use of magic and began the great purge as it’s called in more modern times.  

The shadowy figure manipulated the kingdoms, Gatehar, and the mages into starting an all-out war. Causing the kingdoms to finally exile all mages to live or die on the Fire Isles, giving the mages their name.

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Clans of the Bone Plain

In the unforgiving landscapes of Xecutran, the formidable Clans of the Bone Plain endure the challenges of their harsh desert home with resilience and strength. These hardy individuals, renowned for their thick-skinned nature, constitute a diverse population thriving in a realm where survival demands tenacity.

Organized into distinct clans, the Bone Plainsmen form a tightly-knit community, each clan contributing to the collective strength of the village. Governance falls upon the venerable Elder Council, a body comprised of two representatives from each clan, embodying both male and female perspectives in their decision-making.

Within this intricate societal tapestry, each clan possesses a unique mantra and occupies a specific niche within the village hierarchy. This intricate social structure serves as the foundation for the Bone Plainsmen’s survival, fostering cooperation and unity amid the challenges of their arid surroundings.

One distinctive feature of Bone Plainsmen society is the revered tradition of adorning warriors with intricate tattoos. Beyond mere decoration, these tattoos confer both protection and status upon the wearers, symbolizing their prowess and valor in battles. As living testaments to the trials faced and victories achieved, these markings contribute to the rich tapestry of the Bone Plainsmen’s cultural identity.

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Clerics of Gatehar

The Clerics of Gatehar are a religious organization lead by an ordained couple, usually by a collage of their peers, to rule. The organization has representation in all the kingdoms and has temples dedicated to the Goddess Gatehar in almost all of the cities. While local towns and some smaller villages also prey to local gods or goddesses, Gatehar is considered the largest and most successful of the religions. While most of the Clerics are humans, there are a few elves and Atticatten who have pledged their fielty to her.  

As clerics of Gatehar are solely dedicated to the Goddess of Life, their pursuits in magic are almost always divine in nature and lean towards making life better for their kin. They are seen as devotees of their kind and work towards cleansing past sins from their lives. Since Humans are seen as cursed by the demigod Alpha Omega, it is the Clerics of Gatehar that try to appease his anger, and so they dedicate their lives to clearing their sins from their lives.  

However, like everything in life, it is never that simple, when it comes to what mortals think the gods want. So even in their attempt to make things better, they are drenched in sin. Nothing embodies this duality like the Paladins of Gatehar.  

The Paladins of Gatehar are seen as warrior monks. Oftentimes outfitted as knights, with heavily constructed plate armor, massive swords, or hammers, Paladins are the enforcers of the Clerics. They are their own contained military. Though they hold honor in high regard, they are efficient warriors. They can also use magic and are the only ones capable of both destructive magics and healing magics. Paladins are seen as a magic police force, tasked with keeping order in a world of chaos.  

Paladins are few in number because they are hard to train and hard to find. Hopeful candidates go through a grueling amount of training and testing, and often times cracks in their character become evident. The sin that has been cursed on humans begins to manifest, and thus they are unable to complete their ascendancy to Paladinhood. In extremely rare cases, there have been Paladins that we were chosen by the Goddess herself. Her motives are her own, and those she chose a mystery to the rest of the Clerics.

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The Anarchs

The Anarchs are a loosely affiliated network of thieves who are, for the most part, out to make money. However, there are times and leaders who have come and gone through its history, that has supported more philanthropic endeavors.

The Anarchs being a criminal syndicate in the eyes of the law, and the kingdoms around Xonthian, have driven the secretive organizations underground, to thrive in the shadows of the discouraged and discarded populace. Some of the Anarchs are seen as heroes for the every man, although that is not always the Anarch’s main goal. A few of the branches of the Anarchs are more militaristic in their approach to thievery and will do almost anything for coin.  

Their network spreads to all of the major cities and continents, where they are not seen or heard unless they want you to find them. Because of their operations, they tend to gather the information that to the right person, may be purchased. However finding them and learning what they have to offer, may not always work out. They are often seen as a myth to those in power, as none of them have ever been caught. Or, if any of them have been caught, they did not divulge the Anarch’s secrets, and those were executed without knowing who they actually worked for.

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